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Welcome to War of Bloody Scales: Wings of Fire RP! This community takes place in Pyrrhia one hundred years after the books. Be sure to read through all the rules before creating a profile.

When Queen Kiowa, King Coyote, and Princess Gazelle went missing, six-year-old Sahara had to take her mother's place.
Young Queen Sahara sent out her best investigators to search the area, and they ended up coming across the remains of the royal family in the Kingdom of the Sea. Whenever the investigators flew back with the remains to test them, they were stopped and killed by a group of NightWings.
Queen Sahara then demanded an explanation from the SeaWings, but they snorted at the thought of them killing the royal SandWings. Days after Sahara questioned the SeaWings, the last of the investigators showed up to tell her about the NightWing attackers.
Now, the SandWings, SeaWings, and NightWings were at odds with each other. Both tribes denied the accusations of their crimes against the royal family, causing tension to build. The NightWings accused the SeaWings of framing them, while the SandWings believed the SeaWings murdered the family.
The SeaWings then declared war on the NightWings shortly after the queens of the two tribes met in a royal meeting. According to rumors, the two queens argued with each other, leading the SeaWing queen to declare a war.
Later, the NightWings turned to the SandWings to take their side on the war. When the SandWings refused, the NightWings turned to the SkyWings, the SeaWings' enemies. Soon, the SeaWings sided with the IceWings.
The four tribes are now at war, with the other tribes close to choosing their own sides. It is only a matter of time until all Pyrrhia is engaged in a fierce civil war with one another. Hybrids are torn between sides, and the neutral tribes are debating on joining the war. However, hope is not completely lost...

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Profile Requirements:



Wings of Safety Info:

Wings of Safety Roster:

Battle One:

Tribe Statuses

SandWings: Neutral
SeaWings: Allies with the IceWings
SkyWings: Allies with the NightWings
NightWings: Allies with the SkyWings
IceWings: Allies with the SeaWings
RainWings: Neutral
MudWings: Neutral


Okay qquestion... is anyone on here actually active?

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Here is a RainWing base custom I made in my free time, I will most likely never use it so I'm putting them up for adoption! I except art and base customs, both need examples. I am more likely to except art, but base customs are fine too.

Base by Brodget

~ Sand/Night/IceWing +Moonghiest
~ Digital headshot +Quicksilver

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{ Basic }
"If you kill any NightWings I will command the moon to come and kill you."

Queen Moonkeeper

Name Origin


Official Title
Her magesty, Queen Moonkeeper of the NightWings




Hatching Place
On top of a mountain

Hatching Day
December 14th

Night Kingdom


Ruling the NightWings

The NightWings

{ Apperence }
Large, strong

Main Scale Color
Very dark blue

Secondary Scale Colors

Horn & Talon Color
Light purple

Eye Color
Crystal blue

Long scar across snout (Not in pic)

Two daggers

Full armour studded with diamonds

{ Personality }
Positive Traits
Negative Traits

{ Relations }
Former Queen NovaStar (Dead)

Former King Starsplitter (Dead)

Princess Darkflight (Dead)
Princess Stormpath



{ Aspects }
NightWing Abilities
~ Fire breath
~ Blending into the night sky
Adapted Abilities
~ Leading
~ Fighting
~ Hunting

{ Other }
Fighting Techniques



{ Credits }
Profile Template
+Queen Cloud of the Skywings


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Closed RP

{Character- Azalea}

{Location- Rainwing kingdom, Azalea's Doctor hut}

{Open to- +Champion Ridge Stables }

{Time- Afternoon}

Azalea was in her doctor hut. She had a sloth on a desk nest to it there was a leaf with a herbal paste on it and a little bit away was a metal container that was closed. Azalea held the sloth still has she open her jaw and dropped a few drops on venom on to the sloths shoulder. The sloth screeched as she took the paste and spread it on the wound. The sloth didn't look like it was doing any better. She hiss and she opened the container that contained venom. She wiped off the paste and dropped the venom on the wound. The sloth slowly started to calm down as the venom stopped burning its shoulder. She closed the container and pulled out a scroll and started scribbling in it mumbling angrily.

I'm back from my trip, so now I can actually do something.

Roleplay, anyone? I have:
Princess Delta || SeaWing
Queen Sahara || SandWing
Constellation || Night/Rain

I need to finish profiles

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How would you guys feel if we did that here?
Alrighty. I've always wondered why we open up spots for queen when a queen leaves, instead of making the current princesses fight for the throne. Then we could totally have an event on this community where each tribes picks who they want to support with polls and basically makes another huge war like that of the first five books. -I would love it. Especially how there's a chance of more rps such as two "Queen's guards" such as the Skyhawks and Arcticwolves fighting during a battle or something.

Just throwing the idea out there.

I'm gonna work on a drawing for my Icewing Oc when I can, most likely gonna get it done this weekend, but I'm not sure exactly if I'm going to color it.

With the roster being filled, it's time to start thinking about the first battle of the war.
I'm currently arranging things for it to take place. We just need this community to be a little more active, because I worry that no one will take part in the first battle.
Anyway, prepare yourselves for the first battle! I will post more information as soon as possible.

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Prolly a wip
Name: Lightning
Maening: moves like it, sounds like it, and looks like it. Strike fast and dont look back.
Gender: male
Race: whatever fits best with the picture, im not even sure if this kind of dragon appears in the books.
Tribe: none
Nomadic, but with the skywings.
Rank: whatevers lowest. He just joined, you know.
Occupation: has been in races before.
Thats about it, right now hes trying to be a good soldier.
Family: has parents, grand parents on fathers side, many aunts and uncles on mothers side, god knows how many cousins, nices and nephews. One uncle on fathers side.
Appearance: Soft fur, not much in the way of scales. Usually a blur or a distant dot to all who see him though, as hes always on the move.
Personality: quirky and kind of a goof, but when shit gets serious, so does he. Gets kinda edgy when serious, but he just wants to protect whats important to him.
Likes: going fast
Dislikes: not going fast
Bio: refuses to tell
Credits: whoever drew this
Mates: none
Offring none
Notes: fast. Like, lightning fast. Able to reach speeds well above the speed of sound. He attacks with lightning balls that go faster than him, but also act like strike missiles, detecting and following anything that conducts electricity. They dont handle very well though. And can barely turn. When they hit something, its like an explosion, but its an area shock of sorts. They hit hard.
Other than that, once you actually manage to hitlightning, youll injure him BAD lack of scales means he has nearly nothing in terms of defense. He relies on his speed to stay alive.
Also, that beyond sound barrier speed i mentioned isnt instant. Thats like traveling speed, battle speed is more like sound speed period.
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