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Having spent 6 years as a blogger and writer, I believe that writing is a very intellectual exercise. It's a person's inner reflection and understanding of ideas articulated in form of chains of words and paragraphs. It alludes a lot to the personality of the writer - the way he thinks, the way he communicates, and the way he presents.

I've been composing my drafts/stories on this amazing app called - JotterPad. I was so impressed that today I ended up covering a comprehensive review on JotterPad: The writing app for the creatives. I'm sharing the post with all my fellow writer friends. Constructive comments and sharing is solicited, please :)

I am looking for writers who wants to write on my blog.
Whatevery you write is up to you, long as it's not mature content.
My blog is a small one, with average of 0-15 people per day.
If you want to join me, contact me at

The Calendar 2017

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(per Ferlinghetti)
Philip Hackett
You are The King of Poetry

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Shorties: Number 29
This is not a feel good write. It describes horror going on in our world. It needs to stop.

Diana fought to maintain control but panic was quickly rising. She was certain her baby was dead. It was only a matter of time until she succumbed to the darkness searing the edges of her vision. Minutes before, she was crossing the street with a friend. He already had the range and simply waited until the pair was in the middle of the street when he squeezed the trigger.

His silly friend... We play a game from my community...­čśü

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oh!...its really
beautiful is the
that presents us
with plethora and
legion of myriad

blues and mopes
fortitude is the attitude
of many indeed,
facing dire straits
with a giggle in the face
unperturbed and composed

shaking off all odds
that comes across
the fortune

by remaining stringent

in the actions, making
oneself a strong
of any adverse and untoward

raising like phoenix

even in hardships
I salute those personalities
who taken, falls failures as opportunities

to raise and stand
to the
inspiration of dismayed
and disheartened..........!


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The human soul
fettered by
must sing its way
out of prison

┬ę Wolfstuff

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