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Name(first and last): Kenji Harklight Rei Ken
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Wall: Rose
District: Trost District ·
Height: 6 foot 4 inches
Parents: Kazaki Yami Ken (dead) and Misaki Yuki Ken(kidnapped)
Siblings: Mimi Ken (age 12) Ayato Ken (Age 9)

Regiment rank: Survey Corps
Significant other: SHHHH
Children: No
Likes/ Hates: Loves his siblings since that's all he has left. Loves killing titans. Loves being a rebel. Hates gaining his freedom as a slave on his 13th birthday.
Personality: Quiet, caring, risk-taking, understanding, loves to kill titans, intelligent, bit of a rebel
Bio/background: White male teenager. Age 19. Black hair and blue eyes. He was born in Wall Rose and was treated as a slave until he got his freedom back. His father was murdered by his mother's kidnappers. He grew up trying to his mother back but now thinks she had died. He lives in a small house raising his siblings. He joined the Survey Corps at age 15 and from there on he sworn to pledge his life to protect everyone and reclaim the walls back. He also wears his own uniform. His current mission was to reclaim Wall Maria but failed when his squad was wipe out by a ambush.
Sexuality: Straight

Ashlyn still remembered it like yesterday. Ayoto was crying and she was trying to pry him off her so she could leave. She had joined the Scout Rejiment which meant she had to leave her little brother alone without any family. She hated it, she hated leaving him after what they had gone through but she had to. She was brought back to reality as the cart carriage came to a stop and she heard her captain yell "Ok unload and get to your stations!" She got moving right away. She looked around to see which way everyone was going then headed to her station. She got up into the trees and waited for the signal. Their goal was to take down a couple Titans without losing anyone today but there was bound to be some casualties. There always is

Name(first and last): Ashlyn Yamashito
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Wall: Maria
District, such as the Shiganshina District in Wall Maria the Utopia District · Karanes District · Trost District · Krolva District in Wall Rose and the Stohess District · Ehrmich District · Yarckel District · Orvud District · Mitras · Underground in Wall Sheena: Ashlyn is from the Shiganshina District
Height: 5 foot 8 inches
Parents: Marie Yamashito (dead) and Tanner Yamashito (dead)
Siblings: Ayoto Yamashito (age 6, if anyone would like to RP as Ayoto please let me know)

Regiment/rank: Scouts/ Survey Corps
Significant other: Open
Children: Open
Personality: Quiet, caring, risk taking, understanding, willing to go the extra mile.
Bio/background: Ashlyns parents died then the wall was breached and the Titans entered Wall Maria. She had just enough time to grab Ayoto and get on a boat to safety. Not long after she was drafted into training for the military. She joined the Scout Rejiment leaving Ayoto in the care of some old friends and is currently with the Scouts. She lost all her family to the Titans and is willing to put her life on the line to ensure others don't lose there's as well.
Sexuality: bisexual

Name: Ida Schmidt
Nationality: Germany
Gender: Agender (Pronouns=she, her)
Age: 16 years
District: From Shiganshina (Wall Maria), currently lives in
Height: 5 feet, 8 inches or 172.72 centimeters
Parents: Hannah Schmidt (Dead), Lukas Schmidt (Trapped in Shiganshina)
Siblings: None
Significant other: Open
Personality: Always seem to be grouchy/bitchy and in a rush
Likes: Dogs, Art, Crafting, Sculpting, Carving, Writing
Dislikes: Crowds, Closed/Small spaces, Farming
Regiment: Scout Regiment/Survey Corps
Hair: Short blond hair with natural lowlights and highlights
Skin: Fair skin with a few freckles here and there
Accessories: Usually has a bandana around her head

Ok I have rules for the RP posts as well so bear with me.
- if there is RP that does or will contain sexuality please keep it under control and don't force it on anyone also contain a warning.
- no text talk such as u, r, gtg, brb, ect....
Ok I don't have a lot of rules right now for RP posts but I'll find more

Ok I know there is no picture yet but that's because I can't currently get one so halls will just have to hold on a bit. I am a mostly laid back kinda person so almost anything goes with me but these are the rules I'm setting.
- Do not under any circumstances criticize or make fun of another persons Oc. I will not tolerate bulling on this community.
- If a user just so happens to have a OC that is LGBT+ I expect everyone to be completely supportive or to say nothing at all bout it.
- If you think that in anyway someone is bulling you and or harassing you please contact me or whom ever I leave in charge and it will be dealt with as soon as humanly possible.
- I don't mind cussing but if I or someone else deems it out of control I will ask you to dial it down.
- If there are any death threats of any kind that don't pertain directly to an RP than I will immediately have u banned for endangerment.

Ok guys those are my rules. Just to clear this up before I get any questions the reason I put the rule about the LGBT+ community it cuz I know first hand what that kind of bulling is like and will not tolerate it being done under my or someone else's supervision. Hope you guys enjoy my community. This is a for warning but I may not be around a lot because of family issues so I will leave whom ever I deem it appropriate in charge. You will listen to them and yes they will still I force the rules of this community.

This is going to be the lay out if you want to make an OC for role playing.

Name(first and last):
District, such as the Shiganshina District in Wall Maria the Utopia District · Karanes District · Trost District · Krolva District in Wall Rose and the Stohess District · Ehrmich District · Yarckel District · Orvud District · Mitras · Underground in Wall Sheena:

Significant other:

Is this acceptable in the community???
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