I remember playing this game, I loved the series XD I beat them all. Are we allowed to be canon characters?

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((She is from sword art online but i'm gonna re-create her))
Name: Asuna
Age: 15 
Gender: Female
Class: Warrior 
Appearance: PICTURES!
Personality: Loud and bubbly, Not the best and team work, Intelligent, Always there is you need any help
Build: Athletic, Strong, Skinny, Fast, Right handed
Bio: She one day woke up and found herself in the middle of a forest but she can not remember anything before that
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Get ready fro a boom in join requests. I just shared this community with a ton of friends.

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class:mixed (warrior,gunslinger
weapons:sword dagger axe and pistol
appearance:gray hair and eyes looks muscular and athletic  
bio:don't know

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name: Kuroha
age: 17
gender: male
class: warrior
bio: unkonwn

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Name: Gatsby Haslyn
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Class: Gunslinger, warrior
Appearance: White hair, orange eyes, left arm is mechanical, left foot is mechanical. White shirt, black jacket
Bio: After a car accident, he had to get pieces of his body replaced. He has a total of six machines that he can use.
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(I read the description, and all I thought was: Challenge: accepted XD)
Name: End

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Class: Warrior mage (Not sure what a voider WOULD be.....)

Weapons: Dual blade batons, and a claymore, which allows him to summon a giant sword to do massive damage to powerful enemies

Armor: Light, flexible cloth armor that is enchanted to reduce all types of damage taken.

Magic: Can create different kinds of surfaces and objects out of solid void flames, to use as shields and projectiles, as well as can use voids to do different things (Such as heal allies, or hurt enemies)

Appearance: Has a light, lean frame, long black hair with a natural red streak on the left side of the bangs, yellow gold eyes, and wolf-like pupils.

Bio: End is an excellent fighter, who just so happened to stumble upon the 3 heroes (Main characters of the game), and was then knocked out, and had all of his stuff stolen (Minus his weapons and armor). He then decided to start a journey along the same path as said heroes, to get his stuff back.


Wanders into the shop, exhausted
So many piles of leaves, and goo blobs......
If only I could use my claymore to its full extent.....
I bump into you Oh, sorry.....
(Open RP. Have fun with this, and enjoy :D)

Name: Roxy
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Class: mage 
Appearance: ((looks exactly like my oc only she's smaller, her boobs aren't as big and she wears pants instead of shorts))
Personality: arrogant, one rule: she's tiny but you mess with her and she comes at you like a hornet a flaming one
Bio: she was abandoned when she was born, and was left here on her own but is neutral and doesn't fight monsters unless she has to since she hates killing. if she fights she won't hesitate to beat the crap out of someone but never leave kill them.

Gatsby starts his adventure in the Ashwood Forest. He stumbles upon you, passed out on the floor ((Open RP))
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