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Hello Everyone,

We are asking for your help today to help a local family in Sanford, NC.

A local family lost their father early last week.  He left behind 3 teenage boys (14, 17, and 19). So right now they are without an income.  The oldest son is currently seeking employment, but with burial costs and all the family is in a difficult position.  The home they are living in has no heat source except for wood stoves so they are in need of wood to heat with.  They are also in need groceries.  Any thing you can help/donate would be greatly appreciated.  Any monetary donations will go directly to the family to help them off set the burial costs, buy groceries and purchase wood to heat with.

Please Share!!

To Donate Funds:

To donate any other items please contact 

drewster rimbach

james willcox (willcoje - L11 - NC)
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