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Dear Sir,
We are proud to present our latest 2018 course on ESP8266. This course is the 5 months effort of our developer team. You know the basics of Arduino, then step into the world of Internet of Things (IoT) and Physical computing. This course will help you get up and running with NodeMCU ESP8266 in no time.

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Analog Water Pressure Sensor
This is a water pressure sensor adopts DFRobot Gravity 3-pin interface. It supports standard 5V voltage input and 0.5~4.5V linear voltage output. It is compatible with multiple Arduino controllers.
#sensor #arduino
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Allgemein genutzt Pick and Place Maschine für verschieden Anwendungen. XY Tisch, den ich auch als SMD Bestückumgsmaschine nutzen werde. Weitere Infos folgen auf
Also Steuerung nehme ich den Arduino Uno und CNC shield. Video zu der Vakuum Pinzette, die ich auf den Schlitten montieren werde gibts auch.

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Hyduino - Automated Hydroponics with an Arduino
What's Hydroponics?
Basically, hydroponics is growing plants without the use of a traditional dirt medium by using a nutrient-rich water solution.
Gravity: Analog pH Sensor / Meter Pro Kit For Arduino #arduino #sensor #makergonnamake

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Read Tutorial :
Arduino Nano Projects: Handheld Arduino Pong Console
The very first computer game -"Pong" is reincarnated with Arduino Nano Board! I deadly want to play it.
This project is created by "Arduino Guy Projects and More!"
#arduino #diy #ponggame #computergame #3dprinting

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Haven't you found any perfect gift for upcoming Christmas? DFRobot suggest you the Best Christmas Gift Idea for Kids!
4.Beginner Kit for Arduino
5.Weather Station Kit with Solar panel #christmas #stem #coding #toy #giftidea
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Learn Arduino on Mobile Platform?
Beginner kit for arduino mobile application is now available on Google Play. This all-in-one application contains Kit descriptions along with circuit drawings. In addition, it has integrated 15ready-to-do projects into this user interface.
#mobileapp #arduino #stem #education #diy #coding #electronics #engineeringstudent

Nach Tagen habe ich es endlich hinbekommen, das mein Arduino jede Statusänderung von 2 Tastern, jeweils 1 mal auf eine SD-Karte schreibt.
Als nächstes werde ich versuchen einen Zeitstempel via RTC-Modul zu integrieren.

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HomeMadeGarbage collaboration project 1
LED controlled by 3D gesture sensor
Roll your fingers on the 3D gesture sensor, you will see the magic world before your eyes! :)

1.Arduino Uno & Genuino UNO
2.DFRobot Flexible 8x8 RGB LED Matrix:
3.DFRobot 3D Gesture Sensor:
4.Arduino IDE
#arduino #homemadegarbage #hackster #led #electronics #3d #sensor #engineering #dfrobot #drivethefuture
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