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//Personal Information\\
Name: Shur'Vyll
Nickname: Kitten
Gender: Female
Age: 8
Voice: Soft and very delicate
Birthday: 3/3
Appearance: ((Picture Below))
Personality: Quiet and secretive , often curious
Transformations: ((Picture below))
Aura Color: Grey / Brown
Skin Tone: Pale
Hair Type: Short Bob
Hair Color: Pale Ashy Blonde
Eye Color: Grey / Brown
Blood Type: AB-
Height: 4'6
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Place Of Origin: Death City
Family: None
Languages: Common
Likes: Cats , Nature , Seafood
Dislikes: Dogs , Cities , Non Organic Foods
Disabilities: Blindness in both eyes
Biography: Born blind Shur'Vyll was left in an orphanage , unknown to her parents the child had a gift in magic and witchcraft. Being bullied for her condition Shur'Vyll stayed alone most of the day in the backyard garden taking in the sounds of nature and letting the wind caress her face in times of loneliness.. to this day she remains un adopted in the orphanage

//Status Information\\
Rank: ((Uhh whats avalible?))
Current Status: Orphan in Death City Orphanage
Affiliations: None Currently

//Skills-Techniques-Abilities Information\\
((Has yet to be trained))
Spirit Cat Transformation: Able to shift into a cat , though blind it can smell its way around and temporarily phase though objects that would normally be in her way .. but at the cost of moderate energy and used for escape. Locked
Wind Shear: Using her cane the child swings at a target creating a strong gust of wind , in this wind hidden blades are unseen and cut though flesh like a sharp razor. locked
Healing Touch: The child lays her hand on the target healing wounds for up to a moderate amount , can heal inside and outside wounds but at the cost of a portion of her energy worth the injury itself Locked
Song of Freedom: The child sings a song , those caught in move hindering spells would have the chance to break the bonds if they are strong enough .. however if silenced the bonds will remain. Locked
Cure Toxins: Using her own energy the child would attempt to purify the body of toxins that damage the body , if powerful only a small portion of it would be healed. Locked

Tools/Weapons: Seeing Eye Cane with a hidden dagger near the top.
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First profile:
Name :Ravan
Age 14
Gender: male

(I guess it's up to me to get this community active, so OPEN)

I stand at a window out of my weapon form.....Brooding at the streets below

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True Name: Azeroth

Name: Shadow of the Jackdaw

Age: Unknown

Powers: Shadow morphing

Weapon form: Scythe

Strengths: Strongest at night

Weakness: Daylight

Bio: Azeroth, or the "Shadow of the Jackdaw" is an entity of death itself. Purely made to be a weapon 

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Name: Joel Stryder 
Age: 17 
Ability: Fire Manipulation
Gender: Male 
Species: Reaper 
School Position: Student  
Intelligence: 59/100  
Agility: 100/100  
Strength: 78/100  
Partner: (Died) Duel Combat Knives
Speed: 86/100  
Determination: 78/100  
Confidence: 67/100  
Looks: 89/100  
Eye color: Red 
Hair color: Black  
Skin Tone: Fair  
Clothes: Black Converse Allstars, Black Jeans, Greyish Black Shirt with Hood, Digital Watch, Red Beanie
Hair Type: Medium Length, Straight  
Accessories: None 
Height: 6'3  
Weight: 50kg 
Personality: Smart-ass, Fun Loving  
Birthday: 22 Nov 
Relationships: Single (wink) and Straight 
Family: Abigail Stryder (Sister) 
Biography (Bio): Lethal with a knife, Never misses a good opportunity, Skilled in Parkour and sword fighting
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Name: Sakura
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Likes: Sweets, helping others, fighting
Dislike: mean person
Weapon: Dont have one yet
Ability: Fast reflex, thinks quickly
Bio: Her parents died, when she was only eight years old. She would stay away from other people, if they're hurting her. But she will protect other people.
Personality: nice, caring, helpful, sometimes quiet,
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