Nannia Cooper is walking toward the wall and look up to a new found wall in Japan. As she stand there a man come up to him
+Ralph Knight

Mark is in a the labratory renew the bottle of Smash material into an energy bottle and he shake it and then you fall from the chute
(close to +Tyler Brown)

+Tyler Brown you want to roleplay?

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Name: matthew
Age: early 24
Kamen rider: Kamen rider ex aid (other timeline) (lagendey gamer).
Personality: nice, outgoing.
Likes: videogames, food from defferent places from the world.
Dislike: seeing people geting hurt by evil riders.
Bio: from a different time when the virus to over the world. and being the only holder of the anitvirus that can care the world he has to go to the rider exaid time line to stop it from growing. the virus take form of an evil vr of him self and knowing this hes plain is to make shar the virus takes over the world in the ex aid time line. The two exaid riders have to stop him.

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Eeeehhhh! drink from the bottle What's up doc?
Name: Mark Smith
Age: early 20
Kamen rider: Kamen rider Build
Personality: (Update soon)
Likes: (Update soon)
Dislike: (Update soon)
Bio: (Update Soon)

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"If you defeat me, the true ending will become real. And let tell you it won't be a happy ending you will search for"
Name: Genji Fuma
Age: 18
Kamen rider: Fuma
Side: Evil
Likes: Unknown
Dislike: Unknown
Bio: He is a game tester for a rival aganist Genm Corpiration and he had steal something form the cooperation and put it inside his body and is deciding to take over the world from Gemn Corperation.
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Name: Scorpio (Victor Noble)
Age: early 20
Monster: General Scorpio
Personality: He was once a caring brother and helpfull teacher but now becomes corrupt
Likes: Power, and his sister safety
Dislike: The Rebel
Power: Venom Kick
Bio: He is the brother of Kate Noble who had taught her combat skill and the Clock up speed. But later, the Dark Matter come up and give him power to rule the universe. He takes up the offer despite his sister Objection. Now he is the ruler of the Worm Planet untill the planet is fulll so he destroy it and some of the meteorite hits Earth create the Kabuto event.
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Name: Tyler Hamaliton
Age: 30 years old
Kamen rider: Chronos
Side: Evil
Personality: Serious, calculative. No nonsense.
Likes: Destroy the game rider physcly and emotionly
Dislike: Loose
Bio: He is the new CEO of Gemn Corp and little is known about him so far other than he likes to destroy the gamer rider.
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"Bet he/she/you/they did not saw it coming"
Name: Damian Turner
Alias: Joker
Kamen rider: Diend
Personality: Cheeky, sneaky, act alone.
Likes: Hunting for the "treasure" of all main Kamen rider in different world.
Dislike: Being boss around.
Bio: He was once a police officer who was task to put down the rebel in his universe. But then his brother was captured by him and he realize that the gouverment had done questionable things so he left while steal the Diend drive and card and now go into different universe until he meets Tyler
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