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Guys, please make a profile!!!!! You won't get in trouble for not making a character, it's just that the more people that make a profile the more fun it'll be to roleplay!!

Keep in mind that more than one person can be the same character

For profiles...
Senshi/Villain Name:


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So I'm in season 1 of Sailor Moon
So my OC may be a Mary Sue
But don't worry she will always have updated!
So is it okay if anyone helps and gives me some tips and tricks and lessons on making a Sailor Moon OC?


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Name: Kareena Hineko
Age: 21 earth years/30 yoso years
Gender: female
Sailor name: Karinko
Sailor symbol: a fiery lion head
Sailor of: Fire and cats
Orgin: Comes from a galaxy that no longer exists far away called Yoso. She was Queen of the galaxy with her wife Stevie Rea but the twin suns had reached their nova stages and the queens and their friends had to flee. The escape pod the queens and their cat guardians used though was knocked off course and they were separated from their people. Also the Karinkian people are all nekos(they have cat ears, claws, and tails) and they need to live in warm 70+f° environments to survive. Able to talk to all cats.
Personality: fun loving, open minded, hot headed, loyal, protective, and a bit of a seductress.
Cat guardian: waizu-en, crimson red fur with a black heart on his forehead, tomcat
Transformation catchphrase: INFERNO TIGER GEM FLAME ON!!
School/work: none just freshly dropped on earth
Weapons: a flaming cat o' ninetails
Attacks: RAGING FELINE INFERNO!!(uses her whip which ignites with a flame hot enough to incinerate just about any enemy)
KARINKO!!~ INFERNO!!~ TIGER GEM!!~ POWER!!!( much like sailor moon's silver crystal karinko's inferno tiger gem can defeat every enemy with the fiery power of raw uncensored love)
FIRE AND ICE STORM COMBINE!(A combo attack used by the duo to call a hell of a storm to appear and blind and incapacitate their enemy. Not killing but removing the evil that posses them)
Birthday: ??? Different calendar from earth will choose during rp
Height: 4'9"
Likes: sushi, women, cats, amusement parks, partying, and reading and studying
Dislikes: evil, pollution, dogs, controlling people, and haters

Name: Stevie Rae Saniko
Age:23 earth years/ 32 yoso years
Gender: female
Sailor name: Heathina
Sailor symbol: a clamshell
Sailor of: water and fish
Orgin: born on heathina in the yoso galaxy. Her people have lungs and gills so they can both survive on land and water. Able to communicate with all ocean, sea, river, lake, pond inhabitants. If it can swim and breathe under somekind of water. She can talk to it.
Personality: bubbly, adventurous, cuddly, scattered brained, loves water...a bit much, loves to take care of sick and wounded
Cat guardian: Sakana Hogo-sha, sea green fur with an ocean blue heart mark. She-cat
Transformation catchphrase: TYPHOON AQUAMARINE REVIVE!
School/work: same as kareena
Weapons: a trident made out of a rainbow of colored corals
Attacks: HEATHINA HURRICANE DESTRUCTION!(using her trident she calls upon a storm that not only can blind an enemy but the hurricane only affects the area around said target)
ICE AND FIRE STORM COMBINE!!(as stated in Kareena's)
Birthday:??? Different calendar from earth will choose during rp
Height: 5'7"
Likes: fish, women, water, building sandcastels, swimming, growing and dispensing healing herbs and potions, mediation, and loves eating shrimp pasta(ability to talk to fish comes in handy xD)
Dislikes: grimy men, evil, deserts, and ice cream, oh and math
(I have multi version of my main one karinko. I have her as a good queen and an evil queen lol )
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i 'm walking in the park when i see you and being the new person in town i have no freinds.
" Hi my name Lilly whats yours?"

Quick question, There's a new community that just started I'd like to share, is it ok if I do so?

Hey, gotta quick question regarding profile creation.

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this was when Usagi defeated Galaxia, right?

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Il leggendario cristallo d'argento Pink version
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