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Let's see your BEST HOMESCREENS of Pure Nexus ROM

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Hi all, I have a Nexus 6 on 7.1.1, with an unlocked bootloader, Not Rooted on Stock Android, Stock Recovery. It charges fine but PC and Mac can't see it as MTP Device. USB Debugging is enabled. Android File Transfer doesn't see it either. Tried multiple USB cables. ADB and Fastboot installed properly and commands are working, just not seeing the device. Tried canned air on port too. Any other suggestions? Thanks!!

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From where i can download the Pure Nexus ROMs?

Is pure nexux is available for mi a1 device??

hello everybody i am using nexus to enable volte
currently i am installed pure nexsus but couldn't get volte

When trying to build android-o-mr1 I keep getting this error right near the start. It's a fresh download. Not sure what else to do except delete all the sources and try again. Trying to interpret the actual .mk file is rather challenging. It would be curious if I am the only one.

build/core/ error: external/googletest/googletest: MODULE.TARGET.STATIC_LIBRARIES.libgtest already defined by external/googletest/googletest.

Initiated with "brunch angler userdebug"

Any links or guides to flash PureNexus 6.0.1 (August build 2016) on a nexus 6p ??

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