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I've been working on trying to work on the best ways to maximize food and water in the opening moves of a game. Turn 1 I buy and die, and turn two I buy nothing. Thus having an almost 50% chance of drawing it turn 3, and if I roll a *, I prep five sidekick dice so turn four I can buy something massive.

Does anyone else have a trick to add to this? I've been playtesting with its global ability but keep getting erratic results. If I am lucky I can buy a seven cost turn 4.

Nothing like Hulk on the goard turn 6.

I dusted the top ofy dice masters box that I haven't opened in years and wondered whether to get back into it. The community dried up here in fort Wayne Indiana a while ago so I don't know where I would play. What do you guys think? Is it dead or should I hold on to it a bit longer?

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I've been helping out some with We've got event reports up from a couple of last weekend's WKO events ( and

Plus we're working on getting team lists from the top 8 teams at each WKO event added to

If there is some type of Dice Masters related content that we're not covering that you'd like to see added let me know and I'll see what we can do.

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Sometimes when the dice gods smile on you they smile real big.
I had 8 sidekicks , AvX Nick Fury - Mr. Anger lvl 3 & Black Widow - Stinger lvl 3 in the field. Rolled Natalia Romanova - Black Widow & Thor of Earth 23223 from the prep area on her lvl 2 side, and 3 Cosmic Cube - Energy of the Beyonders from my bag on action faces.

With only 3 blockers and 15 life, my opponent was not very happy with that roll. But that Hello Kitty made it the sweetest little flip off ever ever ever!

Thanks to Meeples Games for hosting another fun night of Dice Masters.
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Is anyone still participating in this group or is all the discussion on FB 🤮 👎🏾

I'm looking to try some games over hangout

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June & July Scheduled Dice Masters events in the Seattle area
Upcoming Dice Masters Events in the Seattle area:

June & July
At +Meeples Games, 3727 California Ave SW #2b, Seattle, WA 98116
Meeples also hosts Casual Play and learn to play on Saturdays at 10:30 am RSVP On Meet Up if you want to attend a Learn to play.

6:30 PM Sidekick Night - Dice Masters

4:00 PM Marvel Dice Master: Xavier’s School OP (Constructed)

6:30 PM DC Comics Dice Masters: Batman The Animated Series OP (Rainbow Draft)
Rainbow Draft

4:30 PM Dice Masters Exclusion League Season 2 E1 - Wonder Woman!

6:30 PM Dice Masters Exclusion League S2 E2 DC Golden Age Affiliations

6:30 PM Dice Masters Exclusion League S2 E3 Marvel Golden Age Affiliations

11:00 AM Dice Masters Exclusion League S2 E4 D&D Golden Age

6:30 PM Dice Masters Exclusion League S2 E5 Modern Age Affiliations

11:00 AM Dice Masters Exclusion League S2 E6 Golden Age Affiliations

6:30 PM Dice Masters Exclusion League S2 E7 Modern Age

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My team from tonight's draft of the new Batman set. There are some sweet new cards and mechanics in this new set. I got a gravity feed to open tonight as soon as I get home. I will post the good stuff from the feed over on the Seattle Dice Masters community later.

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I designed a playmate to myselft with a lot of my geek cats and tips (in Spanish, hehe)

Do you like it? :D

This is my G+ page of illustration. I hope to make a new playmate soon!!
+PipArt. illustration & design #playmate #dicemaster #cats

I have the first set AVX and starters is it worth anything?
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