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What's the correct URL for a Google Knowledge Graph ID?

As per the call-out link I asked this question of +John Mueller and +Gary Illyes on Twitter but didn't receive a response, so I'll see if the Community has any insights.

A bit of context. Last month +Mike Arnesen published a post, "Leveraging Machine-Readable Entity IDs for SEO" ( In this post he details how to use to declare a Google Knowledge Graph ID.

As sameAs expects a URL, that leads to the question of which URL to use for the sameAs value. Mike provides the final, browser-rendered URL for that value (explained below), but in discussing this with this on Twitter, he says the reason for this choice is that "+Bill Slawski and I couldn't think of anything better. ;-)". Which is why I'm now on the warpath of seeking a definitive answer. :)

Let's go through the possibilities using the ID for our long-extinct friend, the Tyrannosaurus.

This is an ID and not a URL, so we can move on.

This is the value for @id in the Knowledge Graph Search API response, an unexpanded compact IRI (hope I've got that correct) - so not in itself a URL.
Paydirt - we have a URL! But if I fetch this it returns, via a 301...
As you can see, this contains the ID, but also a parameter extrinsic to identification (&kgonly).

FYI I tried to use content negotiation to see if I could get a different representation of the resource, but without success.

(Brief digression, because I childishly love this trick: :)

So is it...

The expanded IRI returned by the KG Search API.

The IRI Google returns when you request [1]

2a. 1 and 2 are equivalent and either may be used (added in an edit of the post)

3. Something else?

TIA for anyone that has any insight on this.

BTW I don't really have a specific use case for at the present time besides declaring a value, but it seems like this would be useful disambiguation information.

Finally, FWIW, see:

Wikidata itself provides the ID string as a value; e.g. (for
Which it links as:
(Which currently is my leading candidate)

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🚨 🚨

I may have discovered a clever affiliate scheme that hijacks local restaurant menus in the knowledge graph, redirecting through an affiliate link.

Examples here:

I have found these in Philly so far, and they likely hurt local businesses. Could be many others out there with the same issue.

The scheme seems to create a generic menu through the SinglePlatform service, which is added to a Google Biz listing. From this menu, users are redirected through a ShareASale link to

Bad user experience combined with middle-man affiliate commissions for no reason.

Flagged to +John Mueller

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Reviews moved towards the bottom of this of this Local Knowledge Panel, thus showing no reviews no stars till you scroll down.

Has anyone seen this and know why this would occur ?


This website has correctly integrated the Corporation markup on their homepage 2 months ago. It's also on their different language version homepages (/fr/, /it/, /en/ so 4 different pages on the website).
I thought that would be enough to make the Knowledge Graph panel appear, but still nothing.
They also have a number of local offices whose GMB accounts are administered.
Any insights ?

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Google Posts may eventually expand to encompass all Knowledge Graph entities

As per the call-out image, a couple of small changes were made yesterday to Google's main introduction to search on ( concerning Google Posts.

Google Posts has been added - alongside Google My Business and Search Console - as a method by which an information provider can "help Google see your business or site as authoritative via information you provide".

And these two sentences have been added to the section concerning registration as a means by which a publisher can make their "content eligible for inclusion in rich search results."

Official representatives of a Knowledge Panel can claim their presence. This allows you to suggest edits to the Knowledge Panel or post updates on Google.

None of this is especially new (the wording on hasn't changed, AFAIK, including the instructions to click on "little text asking if you manage the online presence under the Knowledge Panel" to claim posting privileges), but it's the clearest indication yet that Google Posts are going to continue to expand from local businesses and other entity types, like museums and sports teams, that have so far been awarded Google Posts.

#googleposts #knowledgepanels #knowledgegraph

Hi all!

Google My Business gives us the option of adding opening and closing hours to our business.

My question is: if we only use Schema for opening and closing hours in our Organization markup, does Google incorporate that data into our GMB panel anyway?

Thanks in advance!

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In a spectacular comedy of errors, Google fails to correctly add LinkedIn profiles to major person entities in the knowledge graph.

There seems to have been a recent update to the knowledge graph which added social profiles for many prominent people and celebrities.

Let's just say they missed the mark...

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My new third Blggpost in the Article Series about Machine Learning and Semantics at Google on the +Searchmetrics Blog>>>

"A graph contains all relevant entities, whatever their ontology. In addition to showing the existence of a relationship between entities, edges can also be used to indicate the values of these relationships e.g. through their length and thickness. A particularly thick connecting edge could represent an intense relationship between the two entities. The relationship distance, shown by the length of the edge, can also be used to represent how closely the two entities are related. It is also possible to create a link to vector spaces including Euclidian distances. This means that a graph structure can be created from statistical methods like vector space analyses."

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This looks really curious to me.

The info about Malcolm Young (who has died recently) contained in his Google KG panel is not the same as that shown in its Wikipedia organic snippet.

So it gives us clues about different speeds for updating info for KG and organic results (although, at least in this example, its cache is updated).
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Does anybody has in-depth experiences with Google's ability to process reverse properties in JSON-LD, as specified in

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