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Hello Fellow Search Marketers, I would like to invite you to submit your ideas and points of view in the Call for Themes for SMXL 2017.

This Search Marketing event will take place in Milan Italy 14-15 November of this year and I am Chair. I would be particularly interested in contributions from this community and would like to see this discipline of Search Marketing gain more prominence as I believe it is the future of search.

For further info and contacts please fell free to Email me ( - please label the mail in the subject line SMXL 2017 so I can channel it into the designated folder.

Thank you and I hope to hear back from you :)


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Anyone else seen this? I randomly entered a "how-to" type query and Google showed me not just a YouTube video, but a suggested clip from a video. Pretty cool. Wondering what factors they use to determine that suggestion.

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Best practice for multiple types

So, I have a site and I place into that JSON-LD describing Open Core as a type "Organization".

However, let's say I also want to describe Open Core in terms of Type "WebSite".

Are there examples of how to structure the JSON-LD to scope multiple types such that Google parses it correctly? I can just place multiple types in it but then not all properties are valid across types of course.

Do we make multiple JSON-LD document and place in the HTML? If so does Google index both or just the first it finds?

Appreciate insight into this mix of JSON-LD practice and known Google policy.

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"We wanted to see what our library knowledge graph might look like and how it could generate new insights into how our people collaborate and how we present our skills and services to our users"

Don't let the seemingly library-centric title fool you: this piece by +Jason Clark and +Scott W. H. Young is a seriously good read for anyone interested in linked data, knowledge graphs and the application of structured data for SEO.

#knowledgegraphs #linkeddata #structureddata #semanticsearch #seo

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"Recommendations for the application of to aggregated Cultural Heritage metadata to increase relevance and visibility to search engines: the case of Europeana"

Some very interesting work from our friend +Richard Wallis and those he worked with at Europeana - check it out.

(It's with a smile that I'll note that I normally use a pull quote for these post titles, but that I ported the title there because you'd never be able to read it all in the link preview callout. With a smile because search engine visibility is referenced here, and Google truncates <title> tags at 512 px; this <title> is 1397px. :)

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I found the State of Schema Markup survey results shared by +Aaron Bradley really interesting, so I wrote them up into a piece for Search Engine Watch (which I edit) with a focus on the challenges experienced by marketers in implementing Schema and what it means for the wider uptake of Schema markup.

Would love to hear what everyone thinks of the article :)

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A number of new Google features are coming, including jobs and the indexing API

They all 404 right now, but in the rebuild of Google's reference documentation a big menu was added in the "Partner-only Features" page (

Will be interesting to see the details of each of these once they bring these pages live.

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Why Can't We Use Creative Works Within Product Content?
+Aaron Bradley, +Jarno van Driel & Dr. +Martin Hepp I was studying product content structure. And, I cannot use @mention, keywords, copyrightholder or several other attributes to surround the product copywrite. Not even sure if one could legally claim copyright for the content they create for that product description. That would be for another topic on copyright treaties, of course.

But, is there a reason? I could extend a few shopping cart theme code to markup keywords and mentions that also include sameas and loop that as a collectionpage or itemlist. will soon release a JSON+LD module. A first of its kind of any free shopping cart. I'll update post just as soon as the module is released to +GitHub.

#structuredata #schemaorg

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Very good article about DAM inter-operability. If you work with DAMs, you may be aware that many don't support structured data. This article notes this issue, and even suggests a DAM extension that would align with IPTC Photo Metadata.

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Burger King's latest ad that hijacks the 'OK Google' voice assistant inspired me in writing down 5 simple ways to optimize our digital presence with the help of Google Home, Google Allo, and Google Assistant. 
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