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Shop Excelsior Bags are here!!! We're stuffing bags today and getting them ready for the launch of our Shop Excelsior Campaign at the Excelsior Arts and Music Festival THIS Sunday!!!! You can get them at participating small businesses and at the EAG booth the day of the festival! Thanks to all the small businesses that made this possible!! ‪#‎excelsiorfest2015‬
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Thank you for all the volunteers who show to the clean up. EAG had its corridor wide clean up last Friday with over 30 volunteers participating. We went along Mission Street collecting trash and end up filling around 25 bags of debris. Thank you for all those who volunteered with us! Special thanks to Monroe Elementary School and the Mission YMCA for bringing their kids out. Also thanks to Department of Public Works for providing supplies and equipment.
EAG Corridor Clean Up 7/10/15
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Persia Triangle Project
The Persia Triangle is fondly known as the “heart of the Excelsior” as it is centrally-located site in the Excelsior neighborhood, formed by the intersection of Mission St, Ocean Ave, and Persia Ave.   In collaboration with city agencies & local community-based organizations, the Excelsior Action Group is undergoing a project to activate, beautify, and make safer the Persia Triangle.  Our goal is to transform this area from a hazardous and unattractive collection of crossroads into a beautiful hub of community engagement and civic vitality.  The Excelsior Action Group (EAG) is partnering with the SF Planning Department – Pavement to Parks Program, Supervisor John Avalos’s office, San Francisco MTA, Department of Public Works, San Francisco Parks Alliance, Fletcher Studio and several community-based organizations over the next year to design and implement a pilot project installation to create a new public space in the heart of the neighborhood. The cumulative Persia Triangle Project will yield many benefits to the Excelsior community.  
Provide increased attractive, accessible public space for gathering, meeting, events, and community building.  
Calm traffic through the intersection, hence improving pedestrian safety.  
Beautify the neighborhood, generate more foot traffic in the area, and provide economic benefits to the surrounding commercial corridor.  
Strengthen partnerships between city agencies, community based organizations, and the community at large.  
Provide opportunities for intergenerational team building experiences. 
The most important outcome of this project is increasing community pride and engagement.  From start to finish, this project is driven by community involvement, from its design to installation to use.

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San Frangentrification

They came from near, narrow, far and wide
enamored with where you reside
with wealth beyond size
lust only drives their lives
and they chant, "buy!"
So your beloved soon tells you, "bye!"
You are too poor
to afford your beloved, whom the rich made a whore.

Mar 2, 2015

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