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I have many names, call me whatever you would like.

I am young at years but old at knowledge.

I like to comfort those in need and haunt the naught. I don't tolerant bad behavior and I always protect those I love most.

My story is a long and sad one. So if you get sad easily you don't have to read. Otherwise, read on. I was born from a broken heart and the spirit of a lost soul. She was abandoned, mistreated and lost. Then one day a family took her in and gave her the best twenty years she's ever had and even got engaged. However, her lover was a liar. A cheating, no good, thieving, sneaky, liar. He his all his secrets so well and led her on for so long she wanted to be with him forever. Poor man didn't know how much she loved him because he never saw who she was and left her at the altar then never came back. Her heart broke in so many ways that she eventually starved to death. Now I am what remains of her. A young spirit wild and free. I carry her burden but I don't have her life. I go around finding those with broken hearts and comfort then to the best if my abilities. I also haunt those that bring the innocent so much heartache You can usually find me where the saddest people are or where the evil people roam. Not many see me but the few that have never forgot me.
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