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Name:Mika Yakama

Age: 12

Height: 5'4

Weight: 69 pounds


Personality: Shy,Loner,Not

Likes:Being alone,cats(duh),nature,gaming, playing her flute

Dislikes:Fighting,blood,being surrounded by loads of people

Crush:None yet

Blood Type: A

Zodiac sign: Aries

Family: Maya Yakama (passed mom) Steve Yakama(passed away father)

Appearance: Usually where her favorite white sweater with jeans and boots. She also has cute fluffy cat ears.

Favorite Food: Cake

Eye Color:Blue-Purple(mostly blue)

Hair Color:Blue

Birthday: April 11

Bio:Mika is a cute cat girl that likes to be alone. She lives because both of her parents died. Her dad died in a car crash while he was going to work. Her mom died by being shoot a the grocery store while Mika was with her babysitter,Yuka. So she has by living by herself ever since. She is very shy and not very talkative. She has always been chased because of her cuteness. She likes play her flute to cheer her up. She went through bullying. She has been through a lot in her life. She has lived a sad little life and hopes that something or someone can help her get through this.

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Name: Pup
Age: 9
Interests: ranch dressing, being alone
Crush: none
Usual mood: lonley
From: undertale
Family: Sans and paprus
Bio: Your knife, my back, my gun, your head
Personality: kind, lonley, fun-loving.
*hi I'm new!

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Name: Papyrus
Age: 12
Likes: Sans, Spaghetti, Frisk
Hates: Puns
Crush: None
Personality: Overconfident, Funny, Cook, Sans Older Brother
Bio: I will find a human and then I will become a royal guard!

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Name: Chara Dreemurr
Age: (I'm not sure...)
Likes: chocolate, knives, being in control, genocide
Dislikes: Bullies, pacifist,
Crush: Asriel Dreemurr
Personality: Genocidal (does that count? :P)
Bio: ...Hello I'm Chara, I'm the one in control here. Your all below me

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I'm new
Name: Michael
Age: 4
Gender: male
Personality: happy,bit shy
Crush: none
Likes: friends,food,reading, bread
Dislikes: bullies,fighting, alone
Bio: Michael is a young boy that never really had a family but he goes to school after his parents left him,he has been going to school and is happy
((How he looks but without the wolf ears))

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Name: Undyne
Age: 15 (for sure)
Likes: Her spear, humanity, frisk, alphys, papyrus
Dislikes: Chara
Crush: Alphys
Personality: Determined and awesome
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thanks for the invite!
Name: Asriel/Flowey
Age: 8/???
Likes: Humans/Blood
Dislikes: Genocidians/Everything
Crush: no one
Personality: one day i'm happy and good! and some days i'm bad and evil because Flowey is still a part of me
Bio: Don't you have anything better to do?

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A dream with strangers?
A Game for Dragons ~
Comment yours, everyone! ^-^

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Name: Frisk
Age: 10
Likes: Everything
Dislikes: Evil
Crush: Michael
Personality: Kind and Determined
Bio: I am filled with determination, she's not much of a talker.

First Outfit: Pacifist Route
Second Outfit: Neutral Route
Third Outfit: Genocide Route

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Name: W.D. Gaster
Age: Unknown.
Likes: Unknown
Dislikes: Unknown
Cru--ushh-h: Unknown
Pe-eeeer-soonnoo-ality: Mysterious, Strange
Bii-iio: The man who speaks in hands..
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