Any updates? I can use the app fine but I can't get the images to load. I have the webserver running and I can pick up images using engine driver but your software is so much nicer to use! Any updates to including routes to your software?

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Frequency Converters
Frequency Converters

JMRI Controller v0.4.5 has just been published and will be updated on your devices in a few hours.
This version fixes (I hope!) the crash that Peter and Colin reported, plus some other small bugs.

I have been having start up crashes with the latest version of JMRI Controller. I recently updated JMRI to 3.8 to get Engine Driver working properly. Withrottle on my iPhone also works.
I am using a Google Nexus 7 with Android 4.4.4 and it says it is up to date.
Once Jmri Controller connects to the Jmri through the ip and port, it just says "Unfortunately JMRI Controller has stopped working. It then goes back to ready to connect again.
Any ideas what the issue is?
Peter Pennycuick

v0.4.2 has just been released. This fixes the crash on startup that was affecting pre-KitKat devices.

JMRI Controller has just been updated to v0.4.1. This version fixes a crash on tablets when going to the settings screen, plus adds a couple of small features.
It is now possible to show all loco functions, not just labelled ones. Change this in the settings.

JMRI Controller has been updated to version 0.4.
This update adds a couple of new settings (auto connect and keep screen on).

It also fixes a bug on Samsung phones where it was not possible to type an IP address properly in the manual connection screen (thanks Joe for reporting that).

This update should be pushed to your devices within a few hours.

A quick tip to those using the app: To get the loco image and function list to display properly, you need to have the JMRI Web Server running. To do this, in Panel Pro, go to Tools, then click "Start JMRI Web Server".
Then reconnect to the layout and the loco images and function labels should appear.

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Here are some screenshots of JMRI Controller running on a phone (Nexus 5):
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And here are some screenshots of how the app looks on 7" and 10" tablets:
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