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Hey girls I'm new here so I wanted to do a poll that all girls will go threw... Tampons or pads
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Hi, My name is Carly. Im in a relationship with my girlfriend Zoey! She is so cute anyway. I have no brothers, no sisters either. I like cartoons. I like to sing. I love strawberry Ice Cream! Any Ice Cream Lovers Out there!?!?! TELL ME WHAT KIND OF ICE CREAM YOU LIKE! I hate the girls life cycle! Such as you know what ( The part that bleeds ). Im a Lesbian. I KINDA SUPPORT PEOPLE THAT ARE GAY. so don't be hating! If you wanna be friends Follow me. Maybe we can chat! I love 5sos, 1D. Why did Zayn leave!?! Why!?! I like Pewdiepie, H20 delirious, Vanoss gaming, Markiplier and O2L. (Conner ladies out there!) HOPE YOU LIKE ME!

Hi..My name is Maya. Me and my sister is going to talk to you in a weird way. My sister name is Melissa.

Melissa~ So crushing on anyone sis?

Me: Yeah! His name is justice. He's kinda cute. snorts

Melissa~ Ok....O_O

Me~ Im kinda Weird..snorts

Melissa~ Just ignore her! This is her first time! smiles

Me~ Ok, so are you crushing on anyone sista?

Melissa~ Oh yeah! His name is Christian, he is on the football Team..He has a beautiful, hot and sweet smile! He has Jet black hair. He is popular. And-

Me~ Stop sis just stop! Your to much.

Melissa~ like I was saying!!!! >:( He is super hot! :)
Me~ stares You talk to much!

Melissa~ it ain't my fault!

Me~ Anyone wanna tell her to shut up??

Melissa~ Rude!

Me: Yea right! Anyway. Do you like Math class or history?

Melissa~ History. Because that's when you meet all the hot boys! Plus, you and him might have History together if you know what I mean winks

Me~ Ok! Bye!

Melissa~ Bye remember what I said! HISTORY!

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This is my new profile photo! I am the one with long hair. The girl with the shorter hair is one of my BFFs, Kennedy.

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