Please add another font (and make the choosen font work for clock and all other text)
#Clock2017L font

Hi Athos, I'm running Transparent clock & weather
on android 6.0 at a Elephone S7 mini.
I used the option to save the user settings in a file but i can't find where is stored. What is the default location and the name of the file ?
Thanks in advance for your effort.

Не могу найти файл .apk пожалуйста скиньте ссылку

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I have noticed that the current weather conditions for the Wunderground source is always wrong for added locations. However, it is always correct for "My location."

I have TCW set to automatically refresh every 15 minutes and also to update weather on wake up. However, when I did the hamburger ->: Refresh all, then all the locations on my phone finally correctly updated. So timed refresh, unlock refresh, and pull down to refresh does not work on added locations, but forced Refresh all does.

I do not know if this same phenomenon occurs with the other weather sources.

+Athos Perentos, can u make a changes on weather icon 4 please ? beacuse its too small icon weather

hi +Athos Perentos , when it will be ready new beta version update ??:)) im very curios

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Beta version has been released a couple of days ago. It includes important bug fixes, optimizations and new features. Get it on Google Play at

Release notes:
- [new] Added Malay and Filipino localization
- [new] Added option to set UV index color
- [new] Added option in forecast page to change degrees (Celsius <-> Fahrenheit)
- [new] Added new weather background themes (new menu option on action bar)

- [new] New date formats
- [new] Added option to change the weather alert sound notification
- [new] Added sunrise and sunset information on daily forecast for all weather providers. Refresh weather if necessary to update info
- [new] Display moon phases for the next 60 days
- [chg] Use regular fonts in hourly and daily forecast pages
- [chg] Start weather app in full screen mode. Use 'Display notification bar' option under 'Advanced settings' to show notification bar
- [fix] German language corrections
- [fix] Optimizations
- [fix] Bug fixes

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Please make it possible to have 4x2 or 6x2 widget with weather icon and clock or set the text on 4x3 widget higher. Empty space on top is not needed.
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Long overdue aesthetic oversight for TCW Pro. For the apps selection for the Hour/Minutes/Date, there is quite a lot of empty whitespace at the bottom where the ads usually are, except there are no ads on the Pro version. Also there is quite a lot of empty whitespace on top.
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