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Long overdue aesthetic oversight for TCW Pro. For the apps selection for the Hour/Minutes/Date, there is quite a lot of empty whitespace at the bottom where the ads usually are, except there are no ads on the Pro version. Also there is quite a lot of empty whitespace on top.

The premium version of Transparent clock & weather will now be offered at a reduced price on the Google Play Deal of the week for selected countries.

The offer starts today, Tuesday July 11 GMT+00:00 and will be valid for 1 week and it will be available for the following countries: Great Britain, Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, Mexico, Russia and Ukraine. 

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New beta version, just released - it should be available to download in the next 20 - 30 minutes. This new version includes important bug fixes, optimizations, new features, languages and options.

Here are the release notes:

- [new] Added Malay and Filipino localization
- [new] Added option to set UV index color
- [new] Added option in forecast page to change degrees (Celsius <-> Fahrenheit)
- [new] Added new weather background themes
- [new] New date formats
- [new] Added option to change the weather alert sound notification
- [new] Added sunrise and sunset information on daily forecast for all weather providers. Refresh weather if necessary to update info
- [new] Display moon phases for the next 60 days
- [chg] Use regular fonts in hourly and daily forecast pages
- [chg] Start weather app in full screen mode. Use 'Display notification bar' option under 'Advanced settings' to show notification bar
- [fix] Optimizations
- [fix] Bug fixes

Please email us and report any problems.

Have a nice weekend!
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Version is now available. This new version includes many bug fixes, optimizations, speed improvements and a few new features.

Among the new features is the display of the sunrise and sunset times on the 4x3 widgets and a display of the current location temperature on the hourly and daily graphs (useful to compare the current temperature against that of a different location when preparing to travel).

Let us know if you find any problems or have any more suggestions.

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Transparent clock & weather version is now available for download on Google Play at

Release notes for version
- [new] New weather forecast backgrounds and improved night backgrounds
- [new] Improved temperature notification icons
- [new] Changed precipitation (amount) graphs
- [new] Added layout support for right-to-left languages
- [new] Display basic weather info on location list (on Weather forecast page menu)
- [fix] Wear fixes and speed improvements
- [fix] Tablet widget layout improvements
- [fix] Bug fixes and language corrections

We have also released a new weather icon set as a separate download. More icon sets will follow (let us know if you have any requests). The new weather icon set is available at Once downloaded, it will appear under the weather icons list within the Transparent clock & weather application.
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Beta version has been released. The new beta includes more bug fixes and is planned for official release early next week.

Beta version has just been released.

This new beta includes several important bug fixes that have been reported by users.

- Fixed moon phase issue on future day detailed day forecast
- Fixed display of weather icons on hourly forecast (day/night) according to the actual hour forecast
- Fixed weather background update bug (bug was affecting the first location when swiping to the next location and back)
- Fixed wrong calculation of time for different time zones on specific Android 7+ versions/devices (which resulted in the wrong display of day/night wallpapers in the weather forecast application)
- Removed support for old Android versions (versions 2.3.7 or earlier)

Please let us know if you find any more problems.

Have a nice day!

Does TCW have the ability to notify when there's a local severe weather alert posted by the National Weather Service? 

Beta version just released. Fixes an icon related bug (causing problems on specific devices) - thanks to everyone for reporting this.

Please let us know if you find any more problems.

Have a nice weekend!

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The program is completely broken after today's update.
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