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Made this for the people who loves Trevor

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I just bought a Datavac to easily get rid of the dust in my PC that I haven't cleaned for months edit: over a year (Yes I know..) and the NZXT Hue+ to kit out my case with some nice lighting.

Hoping these will arrive tomorrow or the day after, I might also just restructure my PC case but that all depends on how the lighting falls in it's current hardware config.

This is how it looks at the moment and here are my specs, I build this PC a little over two years ago.

-4790K @ 4.6GHz daily ~ Got it benchmarked at 5GHz.
-Z87-PRO mobo from Asus
-2x4GB Corsair Vengeance 1866MHz RAM
-Corsair H105 AIO running
-4x Noctua nf-f12 push/pull as intake
-1x Noctua nf-p12 as bottom intake
-Corsair AX 760 Platinum PSU
-1TB WD Black HDD
-250GB Samsung EVO 840 SSD
All housed in a Fractal Design Define r5 windowed.

My peripherals:
-Corsair K70 red switches
-Steelseries Sensei

-LG 23MP65 IPS
-Some POS Packard Bell 1440x900 monitor I had left from a Vista PC.
-Shure SRH840 monitoring headphones.

Product info:

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After a nightmare with getting this motherboard from Amazon, it turns out I need to replace it (defective). However I do want to give credit to Asus technical support when trying to diagnose a BIOS issue, the representative was patient on the phone and was effective at researching while I literally took the whole PC apart and put it back together again about three times. In a world where it's about average handle time and call counts, it is nice to see Asus step up with excellent support. Working in the field of IT myself, I know it can be hard to get people like that.

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