Day 14 after 32 years. Quitters flu et al - but knowing I am done with this and am going to stay done keeps me going. All of you on this site are an inspiration to me. I know I feel quite alone despite a loving family - because unless your a smoker who is quitting it is hard to fully comprehend what this means.

I just want to say to all on this journey... Stay the course - It will be worth it. One day and one step at a time is what I am doing.

Hi - new to the group. It's been 15 days. I quit at the beginning of a 2 week break from work and coincidentally got sick, which made it easy. I've had zero cravings. I'm sure they will come back when I go back to work tomorrow but I'll have the 2+ weeks of success to buoy me up when I feel the tug. One thing - I can't believe how tired I am. I feel like I could sleep all day. I'm not still sick, but I feel like I'm fighting a bug. I assume this is me detoxing. I want to feel good again!

I am celebrating my 3 month anniversary of being smoke free and doing wonderful. I hardly ever think about it anymore.
I did have a smokemare and I woke up upset and realized it was only a dream!
I do believe as time goes on it will get easier!
My husband smokes which makes it's hard but we never smoked in our home because of our young children, he smokes in the garage, but I can smell it on him and it's gross and I don't like the smell.
I had three children, the minute I found out I was having a baby I quit smoking, but was counting down the days that I could light that smoke to! This time, this is different, this is for me! I am now counting the days that I haven't smoked! It's a wonderful feeling too! 

Hello all, Day 2 cold turkey here. Struggling a little but could be worse.

i'm on the 7th week of smoke free :) hope i'll be fine soon in this withdrawal :) congrats to us :)

if you are having trouble quitting keep trying- i have just found out i have lung cancer after quitting a year and a half ago. i will be starting radiation tomorrow and chemo every wed for the next 5 weeks-then they will take another ct scan and see where i am at- i am scared shit and have no idea if i will be here much longer-so quit today and never look back!!!!!!! bc what i have to do now has turned my world upside down and my life will never be the same again and i would love to have it back but now i have to do everything possible to get rid of this nasty cancer in me!!! just quit today!!!!

3 months today! Glad I quit!

tomorrow will be 11 weeks quit! I still get cravings once in a while

Hi people! Anyone out there used ecigs to quit? 

I quit 3 weeks ago, I'm completely melting down today. Depressed, misophonic. Did anyone else go through this? What is the science behind it? 
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