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*Handing Over the Ninja Program*

Good Day Community,

I have been thinking about this for awhile now. But today I finally got around to getting back to a group of students who had to wait over a month to receive their Master Ninja Certificates and for me to add their contributions to the website. That is way to long to wait for feedback!

It's the final straw for me to realize I can't do it all. Something has to give and that I'm afraid is the Ninja Program. So I'm looking to hand over the Ninja Program to someone else who would like to take it forward, make it better and continue to improve on it. It was never suppose to get this big (6000+ registered users). I started this for the middle school students at my last school and it kind of grew into this great program for students and educators to take and learn Google Apps.

The cost to run the program is about $1500 a year in server and bandwidth costs....just for FYI if you are thinking of taking it over.

There are a couple of rules. 1) Must remain free 2) Must remain ad free for kids 3) Stay COPA/FERPA compliant by only using email and names to identify users on the system.

If anyone is interested in taking this over please email me. Otherwise I'm going to have to shut down the site in June. At the end of this school year here in the Northern Hemisphere.

I really hope someone will step up and take it over. I thought I would start here with the community and then expand from there.

Thank you everyone for your support of the Ninja Program......


Hi all -- is there an elementary option out there?

Is this program still available for students? If not, can you recommend one?

Is this website updated? I tried to log on and it wouldn't open up?

I'm getting a blank screen when I try to start a course. What should I do?

I'm very interested in this program. I signed up and each of the courses lead to a blank page. Is there something I should be doing differently. I love the idea of it.

I've tried starting a course as I'd like to start this program with my students next year but I cannot get access. I get sent to the website and the page is just white. What am I doing wrong?

I joined today and when I checked out the courses none of them worked. They all lead to a blank page.

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Hello Everyone! Created a google ninja page on my district site with all the resources. Having students work through the 4-subjects and the total of 16-quizzes. It is a nice, small setup using Google Forms.

Does anyone have additional resources that were available a while back, not on the website? Looking to add a "youtube" section with the quiz questions, etc.


Is everyone in this forum using the the official website for resources? Or are you using your own website/Google Forms under your own control?
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