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Good morning!

For those of you unaware, our new digs at are up and running. We've got our own custom forum that +Mark Whiting and others are working hard on tweaking and refining, and discussion is already underway.

If you signed up for our free forum recently, unfortunately you'll have to sign up again, but it's a quick process and we promise we won't move again after that. The forum solution seems to be working out nicely for us, so it'd be good to see more people over there.

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The Squadron of Shame is pondering a return to the "main mission" format of yore -- the gaming equivalent of a "book club". Weigh in on whether you'd be interested in this -- and if so, what games you might be interested in -- in this thread on our new forum.
Commenting is disabled for this post. is currently down for maintenance. Should be back online later today. is back up, if you haven't already noticed. Tweaks will be ongoing for the next couple of days, but the forums are fully functional.

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Spent a little time with Ultimate General: Gettysburg and I can say unequivocally that it is Good™. A stunningly clean UI with some of the prettiest art direction the genre has yet seen. Unit delegation is slick, effecting the maps and arrows aesthetic we've seen in military history books and documentaries over the years. 

Elegant and outrageously cheap. The wargame for both the casual pundit and the grognard. It's also coming to tablets and I foresee it being very popular there, too.

Morning everyone. It has absolutely been a bit quiet around here recently, and I'd like to do something about that.

Specifically, I feel with the increasing "dudebroness" of the mainstream industry, the work of the Squadron of Shame is more important than ever, since significant numbers of games -- or even platforms (cough*Vita*cough) -- simply get overlooked altogether by the press, leaving it up to communities to talk about the things they enjoy and feel passionate about.

I presently cannot predict when or if the podcast will return -- I hope it will, but everyone involved seems to have mutually incompatible schedules at the moment, so it may be a case of taking a different approach. In the meantime, though, there's plenty of scope for community discussion.

I had a few questions, though, particularly in light of our friends at +Too Old For This... jumping ship from Google+ to Facebook and seeing a significant upswing in activity.

I vastly prefer the Google+ approach to communities to Facebook Groups because it makes it easier for them to be their own distinct entities rather than smooshed in with everyone's News Feed. However, people appear more inclined to check Facebook than Google+. Would people prefer we stayed here, went to Facebook or found some other solution -- perhaps along the lines of the old Squawkbox at, or even a dedicated forum?

On top of that, I've been thinking how to drive people's engagement a bit more, to get all Community Manager-ish for a moment. Our original modus operandi on the 1up boards was to act as a sort of "book club" for video games, whereby we'd play through the same game all together, discuss it -- and then, later, we introduced the podcast along those same lines. However, with the sheer volume of games that come out at present -- not to mention everyone's differing tastes -- I wonder how practical it is to do that any more. The last few attempts we've had at a "mission" in this manner haven't been particularly successful, whereas there was a decent amount of involvement in the "what's the most interesting game you've been playing?" thread a while back.

My question, then, is what do you want from the Squadron of Shame? We've always taken pride in being a community of mature gamers who can discuss everything from Saya no Uta to Skyrim, and I'm keen to keep that going. I would appreciate some feedback on where we go from here, however.

Fire away!

Squad:  Among the Sleep -- aka "that horror game where you play a toddler" is intense.

Finished it last night.  Like most Kickstarter projects it's heavy on concept and short on investment - total playtime about 3.5h more or less. 

I'd say this is about the right length for a game like this.  I mean, when you're a 2-year old there are certain limits to your horror experience.  You can open drawers, crawl on things, and you can hug a bear for security.  That's about it.  Sometimes you can throw things around. 

Still, they manage to execute very effectively on a really high-concept idea, and best of all they manage to stick the ending.  Had to suspend my disbelief that your tyke can manage to fall off a slide and not simply spend half an hour squalling on the ground, but whatever.  Games.

What horror could a 2-year old possibly even comprehend or contend with?  Good question.  Play the game.

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Just came across The Way, a beautiful Flashback/Another World inspired puzzle platformer. After that awful Flashback remake last year, I'm looking forward to some retro platforming love. The project has already been funded and is due out Sep 2014, still three days left if you'd like to get in.
The Way
The Way

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+Mark Whiting +Christopher Bowley +Mat Krepicz Hell, even if it wasn't the classic 80s sci-fi aesthetic going on, that music!

Saw +Ricardo Madeira pick it up and would love some impressions. Ric? 

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Alan Silvestri is doing some wonderful work on Cosmos

Our Journey is Just Beginning - Cosmos A SpaceTime Odyssey
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