Last poat before I go...
Here's a question for You All...

How has GOD BLESSED YOU With new ideas, ways, or passions to grow or compensate low funds? (For salary is not always as consist as I'd like it to be. So I Prayed And Asked GOD for Wisdom and Relief, HE Gave me this idea...I sell out almost daily!)Hallelujah!
And how have You Changed YOUR WAYS in order to SEE GOD In the midst?

On the business front I have wonderful news!
I have a small on site business that I run frm my position as a Hoist Operator called- @Kole's Convenience (Hoist Store). I sell drinks and snacks to the workers and Foreman of the site.

GOD'S GRACE I Just may see if I can expand... HALLELJUAH! THANK YOU JESUS!

I also still sell TUPPERWARE. I would Love it if you wanted to Host a Party and receive FREE STUFF! You can have a in home party or Virtual one.
Email me at
FB: N Kole's Virtual Tupperware Party. (Group)
IG/The GRAM: @thattupplady275

What New Ideas, Concepts, or Training sessions has everyone attended or sought in order to Do BUSINESS Better?

Greetings All. Yes!, I'm back at it again.
Just wanted to check in and share some news with everyone. As you all May or May not know, GOD Has given me Two Ministry's to lead.
Walk-n-Da SPIRIT PRAYER MINISTRY being One(The First). @JESUS' FEET PRAYER LINE is the other. And Now GOD has Blessed me to start a third(hence, one of the MANY reasons that I haven't been posting here for so long)
Introducing: The @JESUS FEET BIBLE STUDY Group, Conference Line. We come together in prayer and earnest study of GOD'S HOLY WORD (Now)on THURSDAYS. Starting at 8pm.
If anyone has questions that they can't seem to get answered during Church Sunday School, Bible Study, or counselling Why not try @JESUS' FEET For yourselves. Join us this up coming Thursday, 8 pm by dialing (218)895 8476, pin 656398#.
Follow me on FB and TWITTER...

FB: Walkn Da Spirit Prayer Ministry
TWTTR: @KngdmBeneficial


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OMG!! I've been away from you all for soooo dang long. Crazy, Good, Busy things have been happening with me. Here's the most Recent!

I'm hosting an event. This is a Fundraising Service for the church I currently attend.
If you'd like to engage, participate, or even become a Sponsor. DM Me on IG OR TWITTER.

My IG names are:

My Twttr accts are:

Hey there members! Long time, I know...I know.. but Im Back now! Here's something that I'm working on for the church I attend.

Feel free to SHARE.
You can also come out, and support. And if you can't make it, but still want to show Love, please consider giving a Donation. I'll be creating a PayPal account for it very soon.

Thank You in advance for supporting our cause.

I have another event that I'm currently working on for my Baby SIC. She'll be hosting her First Ever Women's Conference. We have a tentative date. We're still working on getting a Space. Once that's cemented, I'll be able to go into more details.

But for now, I'm creating a PayPal account for Her event as well. Finacial Support is CRUCIAL for this one gang! I'll share the link here once I've created the account.

Thanks in advance for supporting.

Greetings everyone. How's things been? I was just scanning the Community and it DID have a new request for membership, and I WAS going to "Accept" this person....that was until I viewed their Profile. (Yes, I look into your backgrounds) I Love and appreciate that people are finding this community and want to join, but please understand that as the "owner" of this community, I want everyone to be able to share ideas as well as feel "safe" and "confident" that this community is indeed monitored and protected, and NOT just by Google. =) There have been others, which is Why the groups is so small right now. Content, Context, Professionalism, and Respect are ALL Key to having a peace-able and respectful community.

Thank You all for being apart of this journey.
May we All have great success in 2015 and beyond.

Be Well, Take care- GOD BLESS =) #RESPECT   #COMMUNITY  

Good Morning Community, Happy Monday! How is everyone doing. What state are you in? Are you in NY like me "Blizzard Watch!"

Hi Everybody, Happy New Years! We pray that this post finds you and yours doing well!

I want to take some time and connect! As a virtual admin, I know the importance of #socialmedia, to one's business. And as Christians, integrity means everything. With that said, I would love to help you grow with social media. So ask questions and I will try my best to answer promptly. #newconnections #sharingiscaring
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