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Hello there,

I've just started using Booty5. I am having a basic problem that if I add an actor to scene and change its position using onTick, the old positions of the actor are not removed when the actor changes position (like in Canvas if you forgot to include clearRect() for your canvas). I am looking at the documentation and cannot see how to clear the old actor positions from the scene.

Any help greatly appreciated

can you please post how make simple tile game with this in droidscript sample with bootty5 plugin ?the other question how add camera follow?thanks

hey, so I've been having a few issues with b5's collision detection, especially not understanding how the onCollisionStart functions are supposed to work.  I'm confused as to how the bodies are supposed to be defined.  in the Booty5.pdf example there are two collision objects defined as "floor" and "actor1", yet inside the onCollisionStart function there are two variables defined as "actor1" and "actor2".  there doesn't seem to be anything that points to "floor" in the example.  after those two definitions it makes a print function with seemingly no conditionals.

in the DroidScript b5 example there is another onCollisionStart function that once again defines "actorA" and "actorB" which neither has been defined before.  but then there is a conditional that that runs when one of the actors makes contact with "floor".  this seems more logical to me, but I still don't understand what "actorB" is or why it is even there. 

I've been attempting to use this function myself but it doesn't work and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.  if you need some sample code of what I'm working with please let me know.


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Hey following the tutorials and everything been good up to the swinging barrel one. When I test it I don't see anything but a white browser screen. When I back track and do the tutorial step by step and testing after every step I noticed the problem happens once I introduce the joints into the project.

I figured it out. The stacking order of the crate, rope and barrel in the world tree some how conflicts with the joints. Now it works now that I have the crate at the very bottom of the world tree then the rope and finally the barrel on top of the other two. :)

Hello Mat, I am using Booty5 in my teaching but my students keep getting Booty5 run error message below:

You cannot start application Booty5 from this location because it is already installed from a different location

How can someone resolve this issue?
Why is not possible to run Booty5 at any time?
Does it write to registry or user folder on Windows?

Please help!

God blesses!!!

Best regards,

Hallo. I've tried to load the ShuffleMatch example with the version 1.9.2b of the editor. When I go to run a windows that say "Loading please wait.." appear and nothing else.

In the project I don't see any keyframe. Is this "normal"?


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