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I drew my oc, Max, if you Wanna include him in anything..

This is his info;

yes I am aware that you too are named Michael, I Named Max after my grandfather

Michael "Max" Georgia
Age; 17
Gender; Male
Height; 6'5" (six foot five inches)
Weight; 140 pounds
Hobbies; Singing, story writing, drawing and acting
- - He tends to lack any emotion, and speaks in a fairly monotone or bored pattern
- - He thinks more logically than most and speaks in an inttelectual manner
- - He is very good at faking lust, he uses this to trap his victims before killing them
In his back story, his mother died when giving birth to him and his twin sister. They grew up with his father, whom was a medical examiner. 9 years later, on a day max was sick, there was a bus collision and his twin died. Max kept the small, gold and terquoise Medallion that May(the twin) had given him the day before forever. Poor little 9 year old Max, in an attempt to save his hurt heart, blocked out all emotion.

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If people want to draw my oc then here's some different drawings of him and his emotions

Number of spikes on hair: 5

Eye color: brown

Hair color: brown

Pants color: light brown

Hoodie color:light and dark green

Eye color when crazy:green

Eye color when evil: red

Eye color when empty: non

Eye color when sad: blue

Eye color when angry: all red

So if you wanna draw my oc then just look at this
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