Shopping for a bed is cheap. 2 gold pieces for a bed roll. I bought it. When walking along the streets, avoiding the guards to avoid early tax, I see the lady again with fish on her cart. I walked to her and try to introduce myself.
Hello.... My name is...
The lady interrupt me.
I was shocked.
Ye...yeah... How did you know?
The lady pointed to a old food place.
I had a stand across from there. I used to see you eat lunch there before the war got worse. You used to order tea and and a noodle soup.
I stood frozen for awhile, red faced.
Something wrong?
I begin walking away in a fast pace before she could say anything else.
I heard her voice say.
OK.... Bye....

Arriving back home, I feel sad. Seeing the streets with pot holes and traces of fights, I quickly return to my apartment to find it ransacked. Even the broken muskets are gone, my food, and bed had been taken. I went to sleep on the floor for the night. Had a dream that the war ended, had a wife, and a shop. When the shoppers were asking me questions. I thought it was them talking, instead, I found myself being asked to leave by the land owner.
Wake up! You need to leave!
I say to him in a lazy voice.
But I live here..
The owner was surprised and quickly left.
I went back to sleep to prepare to shop for a new bed in the morning.

Days after my fishing job. I got paid extra for making the crew laugh. I've paid off my apartment for three months. After that, I still had more coins. So I took a trip to the fine city of Begnion. Turns out, Begnion is a nice place, but they are strict when entering their borders. I had a box of crackers in my pack, now gone. The soldier was starving, so I didn't complain. Plus there.was five other guards nearby, I don't want to start a fight when I know I can't win. The citizens are nice. Got some tea, which is better than sardines juice and some cheaply made rum. I explore the city for awhile. Until I was down to 24 coins, I had to leave before I become broke again. Got a weapon ride for a coin. Hope the roads are.clear.

My bill for my apartment is due in a week. So I took a job as a fisherman. Not much, but a days work can pay another month for my apartment and maybe a basket of food. The ship has left port and the Captain told us we are catching Salmon today. After a night of rough sleeping, we were hit by a storm. The whole crew were called.
Yelled the Captain. Five sailors were holding the main sail, while 4 were holding the small sail. I was only holding onto a rail.
Yelled a sailor. So I let go and help the sailors hold down the main sail.
Very heavy the sail was.
Lighting strike near by. It revealed a cliff, now I realized why they were holding the sails down. Too keep the ship from floating into the cliffs.
Many hours went by, my arms sore. The storm became light. I passed out on the floor.
Later I woke up on my smal bed with four other crew members. I hear soft waves.
Was it a dream? No matter. I walk up the the deck.
Ha! The Storm Sleeper!
Someone said across the deck. So it wasn't a dream. I get to work in helping loading the fish.

Many months had passed. The Bookstore is closed until some time. The streets lay empty and only a passing merchant selling fish passes by. I stop her and trade a book, a copy of my "The Wild and War". It only got me one small tune. Maybe it will last a day, if I was full. I quickly run back to my apartment. Only a dark room full of books and a bad smell of gunpowder with two broken rifles. I went to sleep until a cannon was heared.

After a few days out. I return with a new book titled, "The Wild and War". My Gun was broken due to a few falls and was overused, so I go to a local firearm store. (Open)

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I walk the crowed streets of Noad. I take a seat to rest on the bench to rest my strength for the travel back home. I lay my gun on my lap and take a small book to record the activities that happened and lucky there was no battle. The snow quickly piles on me. I knock them off and put my book back before it gets wet. I take a small nap. People just walk by as they think I'm dead from the cold. (Open RP)

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Expando is an environmentally friendly, safe solution that allows you to reduce labour and equipment breakage risks and costs, improve site logistics and minimise safety, noise, dust and toxic pollution of the site.

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Wild cat
Name wild
+rosey's Luv‚Äč let him out

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EXPANDO is an expansive mortar chemical that cracks rocks and concrete. It is a concrete cutting, granite breaking and general demolition solution. This non-explosive demolition agent is easy to use, cost effective and a safer option for silently breaking up hard materials like rock or concrete. Simply drill, mix and pour.
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