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StarClan... The place where fallen cats go... Where no war has ever begun... Until now...
Whilst you sleep, you notice a strange cat in you dreams. A big white tom with a torn eat and limp left paw. He looks faded, but as you get a closer look it becomes more clear. He greets you, and tells you who he is-Hallow crest. He was a warrior, like you once. But that's not what he told you. He told you about the war, in StarClan. The Storm of Stars. StarClan has divided themselves, and now that are planning to divide the great group of cats below them. Unlike the other clans you may have know about, this clan was one. Four leaders, to help. Four medicine cats, also. No Gathering, as they where all together, all helping out. HallowCrest tells you that the Leaders are having a dream right now too.. But with different cats. Telling them to divide into four. Telling them to pick a side with StarClan. Now you must too. Where shall you go? With that, HallowCrest leaves you, with one thought left-Who should I choose? Where do I follow? What does my Path lead to..?

Thank you for joining :3 all rules in the Information of the community. This was a little paragraph to give you some information. If your still stuck, it's ok. StarClan is having a war, and they are now divided. There is a clan, one massive clan. Every single cat has that dream, but the leaders. They are told to divide from each other. Make their own territory and their own lands. To have borders, gatherings. To fight. Now all the cats of the Clan, need to choose their leader. Who will you choose?
Sorry there will be no roster I suck at keeping up to date >< But you can keep track of you cats by writing them down or something. Now RP you little kitty butts off! :3
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