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Again, please stop using this community. I have no way to disable posts but at this rate I may have to delete it, and I don't want to remove our history!

Thanks! =)

Use +Solus Project G+ page for communications the associated community.

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Please move over to the new Solus Community to participate in discussion/development.

Hello, I want to download Envolve Os to try. What I should do?

Just wanted to say that doesn't open anymore because the certificate have changed. This domain name is linked in a tone of places and is the top Google search result. If the project is rebranded, there should be a working 301 redirect. My 2 cents.

Got 3 questions:1.firefox crashed when create a new tab(already updated); to install chrome ;) 3.need input simplified chinese, but can't found in ibus. so any help?

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+Solus Project created a new community page. This one is getting sacked!

Guys - anyone know how you rename the communites? I have no option to do it. I also can't change the page G+ URI :(

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Was going to wait for the new community but Ikey is still asleep. #Solus   #Linux   #Budgie  


Hi guys,

Logged into Evolve this morning, and went straight for an eopkg update. Not sure how it all works, but in the same 'lot' of updates as the new Firefox, there were a few kernel related updates too I recall. Everything installed okay, no errors anywhere.

Anyway, later on, after being in another system, I booted back into Evolve (cold boot) and it now doesn't start whatsoever. I select Evolve from the GRUB2 menu and the screen goes dark for a few seconds, (no output at all) and then it dumps me back at the manufacturers splash screen (the Acer one in my case) and from there to the GRUB2 menu. Same issue every time I try to boot Evolve. Other systems work perfectly.

Any ideas? I've been using Evolve quite a bit recently, but I knew it was in beta so I've got backups of all my stuff, so if a reinstall is needed then that's no problem.

Kind Regards

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Thank you everyone for helping us in the naming process!
In that time, one name cropped up time and time again. A name we do own, and one indicative of our history and roots.

Most importantly, the longevity, history and direct traceable link of this name provides absolute and irrefutable evidence of prior art, and all rights to the name within this context.

We have purchased and, thus Evolve OS will now be known (once again) as Solus. The full name for the operating system component of the project (i.e. the Linux distro) is Solus Operating System - the entirety of the project is the Solus Project

We'll update you as services move around, links change, etc. Thanks for your support!
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