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Again, please stop using this community. I have no way to disable posts but at this rate I may have to delete it, and I don't want to remove our history!

Thanks! =)

Use +Solus Project G+ page for communications the associated community.

Hi 😊

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Please move over to the new Solus Community to participate in discussion/development.

Hello, I want to download Envolve Os to try. What I should do?

Just wanted to say that doesn't open anymore because the certificate have changed. This domain name is linked in a tone of places and is the top Google search result. If the project is rebranded, there should be a working 301 redirect. My 2 cents.

Got 3 questions:1.firefox crashed when create a new tab(already updated); to install chrome ;) 3.need input simplified chinese, but can't found in ibus. so any help?

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+Solus Project created a new community page. This one is getting sacked!

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New name. Same mission. #Solus

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Was going to wait for the new community but Ikey is still asleep. #Solus   #Linux   #Budgie  

Guys - anyone know how you rename the communites? I have no option to do it. I also can't change the page G+ URI :(
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