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Larp House Presents:  The attempt to find $30, a totally official Larp House Event.

Ok, event might be a stretch.  The general committee has voted that we want to preserve our web domain of as well as expanding the site to be a functional tool for our organization.  Features we would like to have on the site would include:

-A calendar of events and meetings
-A place to archive our events
-Easy access for anybody to view all of our current policies
-If possible, added features with social media including auto updating to our social media site (that would be extremely cool)

The always impressive +Ben Francis has agreed to build our site, but we need to pay for a year's worth of web hosting with a new company (since WordPress doesn't support these features and our subscription is almost up anyhow).  This will cost the organization a whopping $30 for this first year.  If you can spare a few dollars to let our community have nice things, it would be a completely awesome thing to do.  If you do then you can unofficially be the director nice things.  At Larp House we like having nice things.  Help us have nice things.  If you can donate, please e-mail use at and we'll work out a way to pick up your generous donation (please no credit cards, checks, pay pal, bit coins, or rupees at this time).

Thanks for being awesome,


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Hello, larpers!

The agenda for the next General Committee meeting has been finalized, and is as follows:

General Committee Bylaws

Admendment to Education Committee Bylaws
Amendment to Creative Director Bylaws
Amendment to Outreach Committee Bylaws
Ride Share Proposal
Sign Up Policy Proposal
Privacy Policy Proposal

The next meeting will take place at the Rice Street Library from 1:00 pm until 3:00 pm on Sunday, April 12. (Note: Unlike most General Committee meetings, this one is not taking place on the first Sunday of the month due to Easter.)

We hope to see you there!

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Hey fellow Larpers.  What we have here are some sweet pics for our run of Orthodoxy written by Jordan Voltz at Ezra Studios and run by +Arnold Cassell at wherever he might be standing.  If you end up catching the Nanoplague from viewing these pictures don't worry, there's a cream for that.
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