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when we get the pushover message is there a way to get it to have a link for google maps?

MyEmergencyCrew Server 4.2.3 Update

You may now set a Default URL (Web Address) and Picture for messages that don't have one already set. This will usually be your Pager Messages, received via EMail. Find this option on the System tab > Message Defaults

A Minimum Message Length Filter my be specified. Find this on the Filters tab > Modify the Message Text

A small update to CENTRAL today.

If you are tracking the official FDR using MyEmergencyCrew Server these will be displayed in CENTRAL along with any TOBAN info instead of the calculated (McArthur) Fire Danger ratings for Bush & Grass.

Minor update to Teams today. Now when you create a Team, they will appear, with all Members for Manager & Admin Users on their Schedule and Live View.

This applies to all Team Types except Member Groups.

Teams can function as a mini-schedule of Members and Resource in your larger daily schedule. It is a great way to organise a sub-group of resource without having to manage the main schedule.

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You may now download the latest version of our Voice Alert Server independently from the MyEmergencyCrew Server package.

This Voice Server is a single executable which you can simply replace, where you originally installed it, with the latest release.

The MyEmergencyCrew Server installer package will still contain the most recent Voice Server at the time the update was released.

We introduced Voice-Alerts for MyEmergencyCrew Server.

These proved very popular when we added them to CENTRAL so now the (M2P) Server can push out Voice Alerts, along with your choice of Alert sounds for new Incidents, Weather alerts, or any Messages.

There are new options on the System Tab (under External Services) where you can enable these alerts and set the address of the Voice Alert Server.

The Voice Alert Server is a new and separate app. You will find this from the Start Menu > MyEmergencyCrew Server > Sound Alerts. When running this for the first time you may see a Windows Defender/Firewall message. You need to allow access so that the Services can communicate.

You can add a shortcut to the Voice Server in your Start-up folder so that it starts with your system.

What are those red stars next to some Member's names in the daily schedule?

We've re-introduced the star-rating system which is now based in your XP Score. Get more than 3,000 XP and you earn 1 star, get more than 5,000 XP and you get a second.

It's a simple indicator and motivational idea to generate more engagement. We know that some Brigades print off their top members to inspire others, now it's right there on the schedule.

We hope it generates some positive talk as it has in our own brigade.

We've added a Schedule Confirmation flag to Member commitments for General Time and Events. This can be reported on using the Duty Roster Report.

The idea behind this is to give you an indication of Members who fulfill their commitment by some form of check-in against their commitment.

So if a Member states they are available for a Day and attends the Station or goes on a Call, their commitment for that day is confirmed. Likewise if they say they will attend an Event and check into the Event, their attendance is Confirmed.

This now also contributes to Member XP, potentially doubling their XP scores for confirming their commitments to your Brigade/Unit.
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