Property Permits are now shown in CENTRAL.

If there is valid permit for a property, it's details will be shown when you click on the Property Marker in CENTRAL.

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We've enhanced our Asset Tracking with the ability to share, for a limited time, the location of your Asset(s) to a public address. The idea behind this is to give you a quick and easy way to inform your Public where Santa is if you are doing Santa runs this year. However it can be used for any purpose you like.

We have 2 special Christmas Themes available as well as the default "Central" theme. Here's how it works:

In your Asset editor there is a section titled Real-Time Tracking. First you need to start capturing the location of the Asset itself. There's help but you just need to read this link -

To publish the location, just enter a Title for your Tracker, select a Theme and how long (in hours) you want it available for.

Enable "Extend" and "New Link" to create the new link to your Asset's Location. Tap Update on the Asset editor and then revisit the Real-Time Tracking section where the Link will now be available along with some Share buttons for Facebook, etc.

The location of the Asset will be available to anyone with the Link for the period you have set. After which it will stop showing and you may extend it or delete it if you want. The Tracker Link will present an auto-updating location on a moving map which can be used on any device. No App needed.

You can re-share the same link each time (day) and just let it expire if you like. Just change the Expiry and select Extend when re-activating the same link.

Read the help available (tapping the ? buttons). This is considered a BETA so any feedback is most welcome.

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New Feature - Property Permits

We've added the ability to record Permits against Properties in your Community. These are Available under your Community > My Community Menu. If you do not see this Menu your Member Account needs to be set as a Community Coordinator or Manager. This can be done in the Members Editor.

If you've not used Community features, see the video below. It does not contain the new Permits feature, but will get you going with My Community.

In My Community you can create and manage Properties. We've added a Permits section where you can add as many Permits (in general terms) as you like. There is also a new Permit report in the My Community Menu. Permits must have a start (issue) and expiry date. If you have a MyEmergencyCrew subscription, your Permits are retained in the system for as long as the Data Retention policy allows. Otherwise they are removed 30 days after their expiry.

All current Permit details are now also shown when searching My Community. The Community Search function also supports searching for Permit Reference Numbers.

So when you issue a Permit, enter the details in My Community and now all your Brigade Members can quickly search for it before bursting in on an fully signed-up member of your Community and their legal pile burn.

We recommend giving all your Members who deal with things like Permits (such as your Deputies) the Community Coordinator account privilege.

Location Track Logging is now available. This feature will appear on your Menu if you have permitted MyEmergencyCrew to know you device's location.

Just tap the Log Location menu option to enable or disable. Whilst enabled your location will be logged and displayed on your Live Map as a Track.

Logged locations are deleted after 24 hours or when you select the Clear Tracking option.

Only you can see your Location Log however wil will be adding an option to allow you to share your Track within your Brigade/Group at a later stage.

Location Tracking only occurs whilst MyEmergencyCrew is open in your Browser.

Use this to quickly map a fire-ground or to create a breadcrumb trail.

Remember to turn Log Location off when no longer required.

We have a cool new FireGround mapping feature in the works... coming very soon and dead easy to use!

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MyEmergencyCrew Server 3.4.1 is now available.

Added Text Replacement in Filters so you can decode your pager messages back to meaningful text. Add any number of words or abbreviations and their replacement. Perfect for all those Brigade abbreviations.

Other stability improvements also in this release.

Available from

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More good stuff in CENTRAL. We now show crew strength heat maps indicating where your crews are clustering, around stations, vehicles and incidents.

As usual, just refresh your browser to pick up the update.

We've updated CENTRAL to now be aware of your "Available Now" Crew Numbers.

The Station (helmet) icon will change colour depending upon its status. The default is yellow which indicates no current activity.

A Green icon means that 2 or more Crew are available now if called.

A Blue icon means that crew are on-Station (checked in)

A Red icon means that crew are responding to an incident

You'll also be able to see how many Crew are Available now simply by clicking the icon and looking for the "Available" number in the pop-up info window.

If you have multiple Stations, or response locations set-up you can instantly see which ones are ready. Ideally, of course, they should all be green.

Note that you need to have your Default Response Locations set in your Global Settings. Any Member that has set their own Response Locations as different from the Default will have their Availability (Now) shown under that Location instead. So the system will indicate each Available Now Member to only 1 Location based on their preference or your Global Brigade/Unit setting.

Refresh your CENTRAL browser to pick-up the update.

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MyEmergencyCrew Server 3.3.4 Update available.

Minor fix to GPS Distance Calculations (for Incidents)

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Lots or work going into CENTRAL to give you the best situational view of what's happening in your area...

Today we've enhanced your Community Properties with Clustering. Previously Properties we hidden above a certain zoom level. Now we represent them as a cluster based on your view, so you can always see how many of interest you have across your area.

All your Community Properties with the exception of Hydrants and FDI Signs are plotted (Hydrants are available via in-app views and searches).

So you can start establishing properties of interest in your area and instantly see them, and their needs, resources (SWS), etc surrounding your crews and incidents.

CENTRAL is available to all Brigades/Units via your Global Settings. If you're part of a Group you can apply to have it enabled Group-wide to get the really big picture.

As usual, to ensure you have the latest CENTRAL, just refresh your browser.
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