MyEmergencyCrew Server (Mail2PushOver) 3.0.6 Update.

Added support for all Weather Variables in all Messages including Free-Text Auto-Messages and Test Messages.

Added Skills Shortages from MyEmergencyCrew as variables you can use in Messages. Use the variable $skillx$ where x is a number from 0 to 2. 0 = Today, 1 = Tomorrow, 2 = Next Day, e.g. $skill1$ to add tomorrow's skill shortages to your Message.

Skill Shortages are dependant upon enabling the Auto-Download/Update Members option either globally or by Group.

Version 7.5 of our system is now live!

This has been a massive update which has taken the best part of 3 months development and testing to complete. Much of the work is under the hood, but you should see some good improvements in speed and usability across the system.

A lot of work has gone into Events and the Management of these so you will have a improved and more flexible Attendance Manager, simpler and more intuitive options when joining events. There is now also a new option in Events to automatically message members when creating or updating an event.

We've also introduced a brand new view of the world - The Calendar view. This is available via your Profile settings and it must be said that it is still an evolving BETA feature. We now have 3 distinctly different views of the schedule, including Basic Mode. The new Calendar is a different and more realistic view of your member's availability, Events, Teams, Jobs and Skill shortages, which changes in real time. We do not recommend the Calendar view on a phone as it is more suited to a landscape display like a tablet or desktop monitor. Feedback in this new view is always appreciated.

If you are a Manager or Admin you'll now notice your Subscriptions status appearing in your Main Menu and in the Member's Editor. Subscriptions are now handled by the Subscribe/Support button on the footer of the app. See our previous post for details on this change, or click the button to read more. We've set expiry dates according to donations received in the last 12 months. Let us know if there is something we've missed.

If you encounter anything odd or not working as expected, please send details using the Contact form on the app. We're working hard to monitor all updates and this one is no exception. If anything crops up, rest assured that we'll be onto it aggressively.

Thanks for your ongoing support.

Further to our Update to the Availability Model you may now set a global maximum Profile level to report as Available Now (or really Available). Find this in your Global Settings > Available Inc (Admin only).

The default is All Profiles and will include all Response Profile types in your general availability and Available Now (as before). Note that we rank and sort by this now too.

You may change this Global setting to 'Immediate' - Only Members Available for Immediate Response will be considered Available Now and displayed on your daily available schedule.

Setting it to 'Not Immediate' will include all 'Immediate' and 'Not Immediate' as Available Now.

Setting it to 'Only when Requested' or 'All Profiles' will include everyone available.

Any Members who do not fit your Available Inc setting will still be shown on the daily schedule, except they will be grouped under the "Delayed" section.

Note that this setting also affects your Daily Skills thresholds and Alerts when Members become Not Available, i.e. If a Member is Available Only When Requested and you have set Available Inc to Immediate, they are not considered to be Available Now and will not trigger an alert if they make a change or contribute to an Available Skill.

We hope that with this new feature you can encourage more Members to commit to Availability but still focus on the Type of Availability that is important to you are an Admin, Call-out Officer, etc for your Brigade/Unit.

Added support for audio streams.

Open your Global Settings and paste your favourite audio stream URL in the Audio Stream field and the system will add a player to the screen footer of the app for all Members. This player appears as a simple button and displays either "Play Audio Stream" when paused or "Pause Audio Stream" when playing.

This is ideal for adding your comms or radio stream if you know it.

Currently this only supports mp3 streams and will auto-play on desktop. On mobile platforms it requires the user to hit the play button due to mobile restrictions.

Update to Events - Invitations.

Here's something that's been requested a lot.

Events now feature an invitation link. Once you've created a new Event, re-open it and an Invite Link will be shown at the top. You may copy this and send it out as needed. Also, when sending Messages from within MyEmergencyCrew, you may select from your Events, and a link will automatically be appended to outgoing messages (push, email & sms).

Recipients may open the link directly. If they are not already logged into MyEmergencyCrew, they will be prompted to do so first. Then they may indicate their attendance for the Event (or Training) on any occurrences for up to 90 days into the future.

Members may indicate if they will be Attending or "Maybe" Attending. Should they require more options they must use their own Schedule as per usual.

There are some cases where Members may not be able to see the Invitation, or any available dates:

- If the Event has expired or has been Postponed or Cancelled.
- The Member is of a lower Level than that specified on the Event.
- The Member is not in the Brigade/Unit that created the Event.
- There is a quota set for the Event, and dates are now full.
- The RSVP window has closed for Event dates.

Hi Gerard, could an ignore filter be added to the group section of mail2puahover, so if the message matches what's in the ignore filter it does not send the message as an emergency alert and only sends it as a normal.
The reason I ask is that Avoca and copa are linked in the paging syatem so that we get each others messages, so last night we got a pager message that said Fire Call Avoca Only. If we could filter it so it doesn't come through as emergency for our brigade it would be great

Hi Gerard,
We have screens that display Myrfscrew around the station and with incidents now being created by mail2pushover, could we have it start a timer that is displayed on the main screen/live view.
So when mail2pushover, comms, or someone else creates an incident, the timer starts on the screen, that way it gives members an idea of how long they have taken

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Today we introduce a new way to indicate your Availability - On-Line & Off-Line.

These 2 new options can be found from your "Other" menu on your daily schedule. They only apply to now so will always affect your availability for today.

Buttons for On-Line and Off-Line can be added to Today in your Schedule (replacing the default time buttons)... Select Schedule + On/Off-Line as your Profile Default View.

Selecting On-Line sets you as available from right now until either the end of the day, or whenever you select Off-Line.

Also, in your Profile we've added 2 new hot links for this so you can create a shortcut, NFC tag, etc for setting yourself On-Line or Off-Line.

This new feature is most effective when combined with the "Available Now" view, and perfect for Members who's availability is not pre-determined.

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Mail2PushOver Server 2.1.3 is available.

Added finer control over Duplicate Messages and also a "Similar Messages" FIlter. You may now also specify the Window (minutes) in which detection takes place.

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Mail2PushOver Server Update - 2.1.2.

+ Added Support for MyEmergencyCrew Incident Creation by Group
+ Queued Messages and Incidents now time-out if not actioned within 10 minutes
+ Bug Fixes

A Note about Incident Creation - You may optionally enter 1 or more text filters to the Incident Filter of each Group. So long as the Group also has an API Key set it will create Incidents for you. However these incidents will carry limited details so you will need to edit them once you know what's happening.

As with anything tied to a Group, all the filters must be passed first before the incoming message is considered for the Group. So If you have a Filter for the Group (such as a CAPCODE) this must pass before the Incident Filter is inspected. If everything passes on the Group, an Incident is created in MyEmergencyCrew via the API. Note that an existing Incident will be re-activated if the details are the same; name, location, etc.

This feature exists so that you can kick off a new incident in the system for your Members to respond to. It is expected that the Incident details will evolve as more info is available to Crews, however this part remains a manual update process. You should rename the Incident once you identify it further.

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