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_This monstrosity is now alive, the only way to stop it is to raid the fuck out of her profile and show her what we are, we will destroy her in every single way, we will feast in the night we finally won this beast, we will take her down, and make her feel how it feels to be plunged into the depths of hell. We will rise against this monster. WE WILL DESTROY HER ONCE AND FOR ALL!_

i hate her

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There is someone on Google+ who joined days ago who is impersonating me (pretending to be me). They stole my name and pictures and said it was them. They are saying they own my account, but more importantly they're making a bad image outta me. They are claiming I believe that gays should die and animals and black people deserve to die as well. Please block and report +trevor mckinney because I don't want to end up like the girl that The Christian Girl stole pictures and her identity from. Please help me stop impersonation!!
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