Hey +Chloe nelson roach I'm having trouble trying to invite people here on my tablet and I need you to invite these people here for me.
+Niko Amadeus Prower
+Marcus H.Y.P.E
+Princess Bloomy Jaffa
+Dr.Whooves senpai (I can't tag him)
+Nem Genisis
+Princess Arwen The Hedge-Angel
+Prince Tolin The Prince of Dark Shadows
+Melody Prower
+Skye Prower
+Vanill Acorn the Squirrel (Chaos)
+Dan the hedgehog
+Marizono The Hedged Basterd
+Sasha fire The hedgehog
+Miles tails Prower Archie comics (I can't tag him too)

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Welcome to the sonic robo blast megamix community!

This fanfic series is created by me as andrewking17 on wattpad!

This series takes place just after the events of the sonic robo blast 2 fangame and we follow the adventures of sonic and his friends to stop the evil Dr eggman after he has teamed up with zenix to use the 7 chaos emeralds to defeat the blue blur himself! While that happens. Sonic will team up with some new friends on his adventure!

Main characters.
Sonic the hedgehog
Miles tails Prower
Amy rose
Knuckles the echidna
Super sonic
Dr eggman
Andrew Clark the hedgehog (me)
Princess bloomy Jaffa the wolfcat (+Princess Bloomy Jaffa)
Chloe Nelson Roach (+Chloe nelson roach)
The shadow lord

I'm gonna get the prologue of the series posted now.

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I have joined.

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The prologue of the series.
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