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Hello there everybody i was hoping someone could help me figure out whats going on. I am running latest pac lollipop rom and these two buttons called mode list and film strip i never saw them until today. Please see the screenshot and can you tell me how to get rid of them? You should be able to right and what are they caused by?

Hey guys
After i finish build the ROM
the ROM have one bug that make me annoying.
The bug is Camera can't save the picture to the gallery.
Anyone can fix this?

Not asking for ETAs but any news about PAC 7.0?

Can help me with
ERROR : Cannot launch jack server

Hey guys, why i got an error while building pac-rom for redmi 3 (ido)
The error is always about jack-server
Can you help me guys

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Hi all
I'm trying to build pac-rom for serrano3gxx but stuck in here
Can you help me?

no pacrom for Dior :( aka redmi note 4G single sim :) pls sm1 do compiling fr dior thks in adv :) 

What can i download pacman rom for oneplus one if busketbuild is down?😭😭😭😭

I an trying to download ROM for Oneplus 2. But I an getting an error unplanned maintenance.

Does any body have alternate link for it.

Gapps fc during setup. Compiled latest sources for surnia. Used pico open and tbo clear. Both data and WiFi. Any suggestions?
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