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Eurasia Days - Bring peace to Armenia
A friend and fellow volunteer said to me, “Armenia is depressing.” And, I have to concur with that assessment while the country transitions out its disemboweled state. Armenia speaks, however, with...
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Short clip from deoband moulana 
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As Salamualaiqum
check out this page
Initiative to remove misconception about Islam
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Shahid Killedar

World Peace  - 
The love of owais-e-karni may May ALLAH please with him ). After hearing that the Prophet’s (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) teeth were broken in the Battle of Uhud, he was so sad that he owais himself, knocked out his teeth.

Such was d love of owais-e-karni... is our love towards the holy prophet Muhammad pbuh is such that we can't quit two worldly apps facebook n watsapp? This is the time to show the love towards the holy prophet Muhammad pbuh...
If u can't quit facebook n watsapp in his pbuh love than all other acts of worship is of no use. Coz

Allah says, "Say: 'If it be that your fathers, your sons, your brothers, your mates, or your kindred; the wealth that ye have gained; the commerce in which ye fear a decline: or the dwellings in which ye delight  are dearer to you than Allah, or His Messenger, or the striving in His cause; then wait until Allah brings about His decision: and Allah guides not the rebellious." (9:24)

Narated By Anas : The Prophet said "None of you will have faith till he loves me more than his father, his children and all mankind." 
►Bukhari Volume 001, Book 002, Hadith Number 014.


So without faith every act of worship is waste..
May ALLAH strengthen our emaan n love towards prophet Muhammad pbuh ameen

Quit facebook n watsapp in response to the event called everybody draw Mohammed day organized by facebook every year on may 20th since 2010 
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Shahid Killedar

World Peace  - 
To all d readers of this community plz search in google.. for everybody draw Mohammed day event n see the images..
See wat facebook has done with our beloved prophet Muhammad pbuh... watsapp is also a property of facebook plz chk the images...

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P. Wash

World Peace  - 
The Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs is an international organization that brings together scholars and public figures to work toward reducing the danger of armed conflict and to seek solutions to global security threats. It was founded in 1957 by Joseph Rotblat and Bertrand Russell in Pugwash, Nova Scotia, Canada, following the release of the Russell-Einstein Manifesto in 1955.
Rotblat and the Pugwash Conference won jointly the Nobel Peace Prize in 1995 for their efforts on nuclear disarmament
1st Conference: Appraisal of Dangers from Atomic Weapons (Pugwash, Canada) July 1957. Img011 Welcome to Pugwash Photo Archive blog! Pugwash Photo Archive is a research project, committed to preserving, identifying and...
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RebeccaLina Dreams originally shared:

What if? ?

Think...! If the time stop suddenly? 
And still you are in state of hurry? ? 

Life gives only one chance to be happy
so dont waste your time in being worry

Enjoy every moment of your life my dear
Leaves sorrows & tears coz you dont deserve

Be the reason of happiness, whom you love
Spread the laughter when the life is tough

I wish you a wonderful day
& a simle that'll always stay

will always shine 
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RebeccaLina Dreams originally shared:

"Blow Me Away"

They fall in line
One at a time
Ready to play
(I can't see them anyway)
No time to lose
We've got to move
Steady your helm
(I am losing sight again)

Fire your guns
It's time to run
Blow me away
(I will stay, in the mess I made)
After the fall
We'll shake it off
Show me the way

Only the strongest will survive
Lead me to heaven, when we die
I am the shadow on the wall
I'll be the one to save us all

There's nothing left
So save your breath
Lying in wait
(Caught inside this tidal wave)
Your cover's blown
No where to go
Holding your fate
(Loaded I will walk alone)

Fire your guns
It's time to run
Blow me away
(I will stay, in the mess I made)
After the fall
We'll shake it off
Show me the way

You wanted it back
DIE! us all

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Andre Julien

World Peace  - 
Non-violence is the only solution ...
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Jab apne hi hath me facebook aur watsapp ka khanjar liye seene pe churiyan chala rahe hai.. to gairo se kya gila kya shikva karein... y freedom of expression is always against Islam? Y freedom of expression always insults Muslim feelings? And still de call Muslim as terrorists... 
PARIS (AP) — The French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo is publishing a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad on the cover of its first issue since Islamic extremists killed 12 people at its offices.
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Shahid Killedar

World Peace  - 
Prophet Muhammad pbuh was on meeraj n ALLAH almighty said assalamu alika ayyyu han nabiyu peace be upon you oh prophet..... He pbuh replied assalamu alina ala ibadilla hisswali heen peace be upon me n my umma.. he pbuh didn't forget us wen he pbuh was on meeraj standing infront of ALLAH almighty..

During his pbhu last hours angel jebril came and said o beloved of ALLAH saws. D angel of death is at d door if u permit he shall came in. D beloved of ALLAH pbuh permitted dan d angel came in n said assalamwalikum o d prophet of ALLAH. Since from d day ALLAH has appointed me on dis duty i never greeted my salam to anyone this is the first n last time i have greeted salam to someone. N dis is d first time ALLAH almighty said if he pbuh wishes to come bring my beloved if he pbuh wishes to stay let my beloved stay back. This is the first time m asking permission to someone since from the day dis duty is assigned to me. He pbuh said if i permit will u take even my Soul? D angel replied yes o d prophet of ALLAH. Dan he pbuh asked jebril.. jebril wat do u say should i come or not. D angel jebril replied o d beloved of ALLAH. ALLAH is waiting for you n all d arrangement to welcome u has been done. He pbuh said first go n ask ALLAH almighty what will he do with my umma after me dan i shal decide to come or not.. dan d angel jebril went n came back n said o d prophet of ALLAH. ALLAH has promised dat he shall not leave ur umma alone after u. Now the prophet of ALLAH pbuh says now i am satisfied i shall come now....

The prophet pbuh who did not forget us during meeraj the prophet pbuh took promise from ALLAH not to leave my umma alone. The prophet pbuh who loves us more than our own parents.

He pbuh loved us more dan his pbuh family he pbuh did not ask anything for his pbuh family but for his umma ..


Let d world know our love towards our beloved prophet Muhammad pbuh. Quit facebook n watsapp...

In response to an event called EVERYBODY DRAW MOHAMMED DAY organized by facebook every year on may 20 the since 2010... i required n i beg every single Muslim to quit facebook n watsapp.. dnt just delete ur account uninstall these aaps totally from ur phn so it dnt even run in d background n get profit from us.. May ALLAH Grant Janna to everyone who quits facebook n watsapp in love of prophet Muhammad pbuh.. this is the time to prove ur love.. love is proved by actions not by just words... 
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People claim to love d beloved of ALLAH prophet Muhammad pbuh. But still de use watsapp n facebook who has insulted our beloved prophet Muhammad pbuh by organizing an event called everybody draw Mohammed day... if u truly love d prophet Muhammad pbuh dan uninstall watsapp n facebook from ur phn... n del ur account... now this is the real test of love if u truly love do it else keep arguing...

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Dear Christians,

What are you doing? Are you supporting NWO or against it?

It is really very strange what you are doing? instead of asking the Christians to do something and stop NWO, you are kneeling them down to let NWO spread.
Every Christians community all what they ask Christians to do is watch and wait to God to come and save you, and this is hopeless and making the people wait to be slaves, since when God came in the past history or events and change the life, no once, it is you who changed it, when you stand up.
Please stop telling the people to watch and wait, and if you do that means you are supporting NWO, ask the people to do something against NWO and stop it, by any way.
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World Stand up Campaign.

All nations, it is the time now to give back the grace to the American nation for, all the good deeds they did for all of us.

All nations, do you forget their grace? 

I will try to remind you some of their favors.

1) Arabs, when were suffering and dying from hunger, poor, live in ignorance darkness and diseases killing us….etc.

That American nation were living a very beautiful and civilized life, and enjoying the education, technology, health care, good medicines and treatment, electricity, transportation…etc.

But, the American nation not said “WE DON’T CARE” about the others, they were not selfish, and they thought about us, and they were planning, how to share those blesses with them? How to save us from those diseases? How to upgrade our lives? And be civilized.

2) Muslims, you were in the same plan, to be saved too, and have better life, health, education…etc.
3) European, Do you forget what Hitler did? And the American nation return backs your freedom, independent and dignity to you.
4) Russians, Soviet Union previously, do you forget the great famine? And what kind of suffering you went through from that famine, the only one helped you and saved you is the American nation, regardless you are Christians, Muslims or whatever your religions or identities. 
5) Jewish, you should be the most nation knows, what the American nation did and still does till now.
6) Indians, Pakistanis, Asians and other occupied countries, do you forget the American nation politics and pressure role to have your independent and freedom, and the many humanitarian services. 
7) All of us, must know this fact, without this great nation services and civilization, we will not achieved what we have now.

World, we have better and beautiful life today, and that caused by the American nation.

But, today this great nation is suffering, our brothers and sisters are facing fateful time in their lives, new world order is destroying them, their life, humanity, morals and principals, dignity, freedom and independent, their children present and future and almost isolated from the rest of the world, they are surrounded by Fema camps, have no rights to protect themselves or their children, their lives have no values and slavery practices on them.
They are facing the worst conspiracy in their lives; no nation during the history ever faced such conspiracy like it, which is NEW WORLD ORDER.

To take off their humanity sense from them, to convert them to behave like animals, to be slaves, to worship the Satan, as world one religion, to separate the parents from their kids, to have no dignity….etc. And each new day comes, their situation becomes worst and worst.

World, it is the time now to give back to the American nation, or we will say “WE DON’T CARE” while they didn't say that, when we were suffering.

World, American nation need you today more than anytime.

World, are we going to give back and stand up beside them or not?

World, make sure, if we don’t stand up now, we will be the next.

World, New World Order must be stopped now, and that means now.

World, I know that some of you know what I am talking about, and they know the truth, and among you very educated people, writers, actresses, TV presenters, poets, historians and doctors….etc. And want to do something to save the American nation, but you don’t see that American nation is willing to stand up, or seem that they have a serious danger.

And I know that, the American nation’s STAND UP will be the spark to motivate you and STAND UP beside them.

And others will think that my attempt is kind of false claim, because the American nation, show no such claim that they are in a serious danger threatening them.

American nation, the world is waiting for you to decide to STAND UP or GIVE UP.

Make sure we feel your suffering now, but we can’t stand up if you don’t start, to give us the evidence that you need to change the world.

Are you hesitating and afraid? Because you don’t want to die, defending your rights, freedom and dignity, make sure that this will not prevent death, and in one day, you are going to die, but you have to decide in which way you want die, as heroes, free and independent, for noble objective, to have your humanity and dignity, or cowards, slaves and without any dignity.

American nation, show the whole world that you are not afraid, and still you own the decision to choose what to be, and it is very impossible for a nation like the great American nation to be afraid in any time.

American nation, it is the right time to decide, make the change, stand up to stop the new world order conspiracy.

Show those who stand behind the new world order conspiracy, that your peaceful an weaker weapons are stronger than their most powerful weapons, money, media and greediness.

Show them, that we are the humans are the cause for what they achieved?
Show them that their powerful, weapons, money and media are worthless without us humans.

Show them with our weaker weapons, we can make them down on their knees and begging us.

Show them, that we are the power, the peace, the eagles, the decision makers and the one who decide to change the world.

Show them on December, 15/2014, that we decide to change the world by coming of the New Year 2015.

A new world has no new world order, no wars between nations, no more hate, no more slavery and no more conspiracies against the humanity.

Show them, the history will start writes new history with golden letters, telling the greatest story of a great nation change the history to better life of humanity.

Dear American nation, show them starting from December, 15/ 2014. That you decide to change the world to be better, and stop the new world order forever, by using our peaceful weapons.

That starting from December, 15/2014, we will stay at our homes, no work, no school, no hesitation, no fear, no give up, no tricks or barging on our fate, humanity, freedom and life, till our demands achieved and the new world order vanished forever.

Dears Americans, I may go to the jail after this letter, not because my government wants that, because I am very sure that they will not punish me for such noble thing, and if that happened, it is because they ordered to do that, and a lot of pressure upon them from those people stand behind the new world order.

I hope that my effort and what I am going to suffer, will worth to make you STAND UP and change the world.
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RebeccaLina Dreams originally shared:
 this is how a devastated and depressed child looks like, most Israeli attacks hit civilians and more than 40% are children, the rest of the children suffer from post traumatic stress, and many psychological scars that no other child can. This war is a crime on humanity understand
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RebeccaLina Dreams originally shared:

war can kill, war can be killed
war can hurt, and war can please
war is bad, and war is good
war can bring death and war can bring joy
war is like a game there is one winner and one looser
war can be a bridge and war can be a tunnle
war can blind, war can deaf
war can help, war cant help
war is a word that has no meaning
war changes the world to great or bad
war is a simple thing
war is not evil or good
war can be stopped, war can stop
war can be nothing or it can be everything
i've been in war it is not hard and it is not easy
you dont need much to be in the war
all u need is a heart full of pride
and if u dont have that u will get shot and die 

Uknown Person Wrote This I Don`t Know I Found It As Unknown : /
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