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Free WiFi

Ever heard the old addage that nothing in this world is free. It's true

It may be free to connect to the Pub's Wifi system, but do you know what is happening to your data, whilst you are connected. Do you know how secure it is?

If you have a good mobile data signal, use it, it's significantly more secure than the 'Free' Wifi.

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Did you know the most used passwords are 'qwerty' and '123456', not really secure are they?

Don't get me wrong, every password is 'hack-able given enough time and resources, but why would a hacker spend time and resources on trying to hack a diffcult password when, if they try the simple passwords above, they can simply get the information they want with half a dozen keystrokes?

The most secure passwords are probably 3 random words which no-one will associate with you. Even more secure would be to use these 3 random words and replace the characters with symbols!

For instance the 3 words you choose may be 'frog rugby thesis', this could be changed to 4Rog(uG8e2!!3s|s.


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