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Your Dark Lord has arrived! Soon we shall strike a mighty blow against our enemies, the gays! Our empire will sprawl across the land and all will despair and cower before their Dark Lord!

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Fake Kid's newest troll account most likely. Notice how he uses Hitler as his account's likeness. Utterly disgusting and in poor taste considering all the people who died as a result of that horrible man. Though I bet he decided to go with Hitler because they both have so much in common and he probably looks up to him as his idol. Utterly detestable. I'm shaking my head as I type this.

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An irrelevant nobody whom at closer inspection is actually one of Fake Kid's little goblin minions. We were quick enough to see he moderates a community known as "Sanctums Of Paledor" to which we found out by his profile's interests. He quickly hid it after his little spam attack. Though now thanks to him we have a reason to attack his community! Looking at the community it seems Fake kid also moderates the place! Wow now that's just icing on the cake! Time to dismantle that shithole!


As Cool Kid's lawyer I speak and act on behalf of him. Let this be said to those that wish to join the community for whatever reason. If you wish to join you must contact me (preferred), or possibly one of the other moderators and show that you are not simply another troll sent by the Fake Kid better known as Washboard Man.

So Washboard Man uses Adblock. Adblock does more harm than good and cuts off revenue for advertisers and YouTubers some of those individuals needing the money. What a fucking scumbag. I bet this cunt masturbates to the idea of ruining people's lives.

Sup guys. I'm new to this whole situation as I'm not on much. What's the deal with this Cool Kid guy?

It's funny how many of Fake Kid's faggy cockgoblins are so eager to come here and prove the retardation of both themselves and their retarded overlord.

I've got a real nice plan regarding Fake Kid go check the Temple of Excer my homies.
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