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Day and Swing Trading for Profit - How to train your brain for pattern recognition

Hello Traders,

In this session l cover a number of ideas on developing the skill set of pattern recognition, how to stay focused when trading and keeping trade statistics.

As always traders my recordings are raw, real, direct and unedited however l recommend you take notes because as just that one idea may have an incredible impact on your trading results.

Here is the recording: Day and Swing Trading. How to train your brain for pattern recognition

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Day Trading Fast-Moving Markets

Hello Traders,

We have seen some incredible volatility over the last 4 trading days and my inbox has been inundated with emails from my trading community with some very relevant questions from day traders.

Let’s take a step back and consider a couple of key facts.

Since President Trump has been elected the stock market has risen 37% and also it’s been 500 days since the markets last major correction so one could easily argue this move was well overdue and there may be more volatility on the way.

So, as traders need to consider, how to trade a fast-moving market.

Do we trade at all, maybe take a few days off?

Here is my video where l cover a few ideas for you:

Day Trading Fast-Moving Markets:

AKA. Samurai Trader.
Day Trader and Traders Success Coach.

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All you need is one pattern to make trading a living.

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The Epic Traders Market Recap. Episode Two
Hello Traders,
Here is Episode two of The Epic Traders Market Recap.
My recordings may be real, raw, and unedited however please don’t underestimate the information I am sharing.
Take good notes as you watch and listen to what l have to share with you as just that one idea may elevate you to what l call the 5% club.
The 5% of traders that actually make money day and swing trading.
The Epic Traders Market Recap Episode 2.


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Top 5 things for an aspiring trader to know before they jump into trading.

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I see these mistakes made by new traders. Have you ever seen someone average down?

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Basics of the high and low strategy. part of a video series to help you understand technical analysis
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