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Name: Nei Kurame

Nickname: N/A

Age: 17


N/A sexuality

Species: Human

Likes: She enjoys long fall nights, letting the wind blow through her hair, the perfect temperature.

Dislikes: On the other hand she Hates Winter, the snow, the gifts, the sharing and caring of people.

Crush: N/A

Weapons: N/A

Catchphrase: 2 sleepless weeks is all that it takes to find,
Foundations worth the time of our life.

Appearance: midlength to short dark green hair, left eye aquamarine right eye red,

Bio: she had a great family, a loving mother, a caring father, and a sister that showed her how to have a wonderful life, on a cool October night, there was a swift through the night, heard in the hallway, the young Nei locked her door, and hid in the closet, through the night she heard the screaming of her family. One of the police, A woman named Alice took Nei into her home for a while. Alice raised Nei, Nei still goes to the same school she did when her family had died, her friends noticed that she wasn't the same, she slowly became more and more deceased looking, some would call her the ghost of the Kurame Family, they noticed the change of eye color, her hair became darker. She became known around school, many said she fell in love with a ghost, she let it possess her. Others say she killed her family, now they haunt her. No one is exactly sure.

Nei is at school, it's mid afternoon the sun shines through the cafeteria window, she sits alone, little time passes and she packs up to go home, she walks alontg the forest wall.

hello everybody

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Name: Tiko

Age: around 21

Gender: female

Killing name: none

Likes: Baking, walking In the forest, cake, watching people from a distance, her boss

Dislikes: girls that are to close to her boss, messes, lollipops, lab coats

Type of killer: Yandere

Bio: unknown

Crush: yes

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