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I've setup a Gitter for chat.

I'm talking about Flabbergast at Google on Nov 6 in Sunnyvale. Details available, if interested.

Flabbergast now supports embedding times in an SQL query.

Suppose you want to send a time, with a timezone to MySQL. You need the following:

sql_expr : "TIMESTAMPADD(SECOND, \(arg.epoch To Int) + TIME_TO_SEC(TIMEDIFF(TIMESTAMP '1970-01-01 00:00:00',CONVERT_TZ('1970-01-01 00:00:00',@@session.time_zone,'+00:00'))),TIMESTAMP '1970-01-01 00:00:00')"

Fun, right?

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I think I just figured out how to add a `typeof` operator to Flabbergast and not have it suck.

The problem with `typeof` in Javascript (ignoring that it returns `object` for `null`) is that it returns a string. This is not the Flabbergast way. Why a string? Why not a frame or an integer? The purpose is for the user to take this value and then either compare it or do a lookup in some other structure. Why should it be tied to a particular type? The answer, is, now so clearly, lookup.

If you do `TypeOf "x"`, it should do a lookup for `str` and return whatever that is. This creates a relatively small binding between the language and user's namespace: one name for each of the 7 types (bringing the total number of magic words to 9: args, value, bin, bool, int, float, frame, str, tmpl)

Unfortunately, this design is awkward since we have no namespace control on those new magic words, unlike `args` and `value`, where the structure of the program controls their scopes.

So, let's introduce a namespace prefix:
`Type foo Of "x" ` would resolve to `foo.str`
Now, the user can have namespace control. This means one could do:

type_id : { bin : 0 bool : 1 int : 2 float : 3 frame : 4 str : 5 tmpl : 6 }
value : Type type_id Of x == Type type_id Of y

has_sql_literal : { bin : True bool : True int : True float : True frame : False str : True tmpl : False }
value : Type has_sql_literal Of x

We can even be craftier:
create_shell_literal : {
bin : Template { value : ... }
bool : Template { value : If input Then "true" Else "false" }
int : Template { value : input }
float : Template { value : input }
frame : Template { value : Error "Cannot convert frame to shell." }
str : Template { value : ... }
tmpl : Template { value : Error "Cannot convert template to shell." }
value : (Type create_shell_literal Of x)(input : x)

That is, use `Type Of` to find a function and then call that function on the value.

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I've been thinking about adding visibility modifiers to Flabbergast. I'd like some thoughts.

Version 0.13 is released with bug fixes and a JSON importer.

The time on the meeting tomorrow was set to something strange. It's been reset to something sensible (when Dublin, Toronto, and SF are awake).

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Some frequently asked questions about the language design. At the very least, read the last one.

Version 0.9 is out with an SQL interface and automatic documentation generation.
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