I would like to host a server for the JB community is there any games that memebers of the community would like to see that are not already here? I have a pretty vast steam game collection at this point so chances are high that I have it. Let me know and ill see what I can do.

I have a dedicated 8 core box with dual xeons, 16GB of ram, 128GB SSD and gigabit uplink in the US where I can spare some resources for a JB gameserver or two if you guys can think of one or two servers you'd want me to run.

~~~Vote for new Jupiter Gaming servers~~~

This section is here to allow YOU, the community, to decide which games we run official Jupiter Gaming servers for. There are no requirements for a game except that you need to be able to host a server for it, and it would be a bonus if the game supported both Windows and Linux.
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