so is this minecraft server finally dead? i tried logging in today to no avail.

Just wondering if the Minecraft server still works, and which client settings I should use to connect.

Knock Knock.. anyone home? (Exapiper here)

The admin shops in the spawn town in Faux World aren't working.  I can buy things but not sell.  It says the shops are out of money.  Can this be fixed?

Is their a chance i can get my player file reset becuse im getting board of the adventure world

Sooo, where & how do I get started? I'd like to claim some real estate for a fairly large base, somewhere in the wilderness... what is the best way to contact one of the admins?

So, I was wondering if there is anyone making lets play videos on the JB minecraft server? I'd love to see something like that...

Super lag on the server :( i'm rubber banding all over, so is my friend.  Anyone know how to get a hold of the server admins?

I'm quickly posting to let you know of a couple of things happening shortly in the Jupiter Gaming community.

Firstly, we have exciting plans for Minecraft 1.7 and the main Minecraft server, keep an eye on the FauxShow for further information here.

Secondly, we are now officially retiring Voyager, it had a good run, and due to multiple hardware failures is now rather corrupted.

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Hehe a bit of nostalgia for those who played on the MC server back in the alpha days ;D

I just got Minecraft working decently enough (still looking for improvements!!!!) so I'll be joining the server more if I can :)
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