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Hey there! Would like to get hooked up with gamers who don't spend most of their time yelling into their microphones threatening to rape everyone.

Maybe a little more mature gang. 50 years old here, I have an Xbox one (EromIrack) and Steam for Linux rig (Erom) that I play on. I can be found usually after 10 pm (EST) on either platform.

Anyone here play Star Conflict? They are getting ready for competitive league games and I'm needing a squad to join or lead. It's free on steam and worth a look.

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Ark: Survival Evolved | Taming Argent & Boss Ptera Gameplay S2EP5 

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How about paying a single subscription fee and getting a laptop and a full set of desktop service?

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Bohemia Interactive is releasing a Beta Linux and Mac OS Port of Arma 3 soon!!! We need all the Linux gamers to help show BI that we want games like Arma 3 on Linux. Maybe if we all yell loud enough, they will make a Native client running on Vulkan!!

Check under OPERATIONS in the following link.

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Are you facing any Health Problems?

Been playing Cities: Skylines the last couple of days.  Not only is it available for linux, but it runs great, not a half-assed port.  Worth checking out for those who like city builders.

Did I hear correctly that there was a Mumble server for JB gamers to use?

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