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Hello, I would like to join a Xonotic clan that is interested in getting a dedicated server for their use. Its a located in a datacenter here is California and should give very good latency. To this server and my home client I see like 35ms times. If you are interested just go to and choose the "basic" server option and then enter "offline" for payment method so you won't be charged. My reaction times are not up to competing but I can offer my hosting and community servers to my new clan :) Looking to make more friends who like Xonotic...

Marisa's been a long time :/ hope you all are doing well! I'm glad we all could play together when we did :)


so is this minecraft server finally dead? i tried logging in today to no avail.

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Hey there! Would like to get hooked up with gamers who don't spend most of their time yelling into their microphones threatening to rape everyone.

Maybe a little more mature gang. 50 years old here, I have an Xbox one (EromIrack) and Steam for Linux rig (Erom) that I play on. I can be found usually after 10 pm (EST) on either platform.

Anyone here play Star Conflict? They are getting ready for competitive league games and I'm needing a squad to join or lead. It's free on steam and worth a look.

I would like to host a server for the JB community is there any games that memebers of the community would like to see that are not already here? I have a pretty vast steam game collection at this point so chances are high that I have it. Let me know and ill see what I can do.

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How about paying a single subscription fee and getting a laptop and a full set of desktop service?
Home - Transforia
Home - Transforia

Just wondering if the Minecraft server still works, and which client settings I should use to connect.

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Bohemia Interactive is releasing a Beta Linux and Mac OS Port of Arma 3 soon!!! We need all the Linux gamers to help show BI that we want games like Arma 3 on Linux. Maybe if we all yell loud enough, they will make a Native client running on Vulkan!!

Check under OPERATIONS in the following link.
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