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This is how Skylar and Acton met.

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Hey guys... Skylar here. The.. oc. I guess some of u have heard me and Acton kissed, right? Well, we dont really have a relationship or anything.. he's just my friend, i guess. I mean he is my crush and all but, sigh do u think he should ask me out or me?
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Skylar comes out of her room
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Blood paw? I need your advice....

+Royal Swirl

teh date
So... Acton. ...... um....... u know the waiter's coming, right? What do u want?

Skylar: hey! Acton. .... yes, i will go on a date with u...
Acton: r-really? Yes! YES! WHOHOO!!
Skylar: lets go! But lemme put on my dress.
Acton: ok

hears knocks on door
Skylar: huh?
opens door
Acton: h-h-hi
Skylar: hi...
also blushes
Acton: soo....
Skylar: yeah....
Acton: wanna go on......
Skylar: huh?
Acton:wanna go on a.....
Skylar: huh? Speak up.
Acton: wanna go on a date with me?...
blushes ALOT
Skylar: idk.

Im so bored. Someone rp with meh

Btw +Royal Swirl​ when we go gome from the date, go to Acton talks cause thats his house. If u want too
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