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Access and Control Android devices remotely from Mac/Win/Web with #AirDroid3:

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Obtaining and Installing the GroupMe Chat Software

Required for all Clan Members

Welcome to Prancing Pony! We are building an awesome clan that works together and communicates well.

Because the chat system within the game is so terrible: We will be using the GroupMe chat program to coordinate wars and other things. GroupMe is essential if you want to be considered an active member of the clan. If you are somehow unable to use GroupMe, send an e-mail to describing the situation. Otherwise, follow these important instructions:

You can install GroupMe from the Play Store. For times when you are not using your Android device: You can use GroupMe from within a web browser ( But wait! Very important:

We want everyone to be anonymous. When running GroupMe for the first time, please follow these guidelines for creating you GroupMe account:

1. Do not use the Facebook, Google+, etc. option to create your GroupMe Account. Instead, use the e-mail option.

2. GroupMe will ask for your first and last name. Do not use your real name. Instead, USE YOUR GAMER TAG as it appears in Clash of Clans. Example:

My gamer tag is ProClasher. My GroupMe first name is ProClasher, and my GroupMe last name is just Clash. You can enter whatever name you want, so long as we will be able to recognize you.

3. GroupMe, by default, will ask to sync with all of your contacts. I recommend that you disable that option.

4. After GroupMe has been installed and your account is created, you will need to join the "Prancing Pony" chat group. To do that, open a web browser and go this URL:

Rules of Engagement for a Clan War

In each war, you have 2 attacks. You should handle those attacks as follows:

Attack 1: You should attack your corresponding enemy player. For instance, if you are player 3 on the War Home Map, then you would attack Player 3 on the War Enemy Map. Exception: If you do not think you can defeat that opponet, then hold your Attack 1 until after 50% of the game time has elapse.

Attack 2: Hold your second attack as late as you possibly can. If you have already attacked your corresponding opponent, then consider attacking the one above or below that opponent. Or, just attack who you think is best.

An Elder or above has the discretion to make any attack against any opponent at any time. If you see that happen, it is only for a good reason.

Finally, for those of you ignoring the post just above this one (to install the GroupMe chat program) . . . you will soon fall out of favor. It is for everyone's good that we are trying to have a better way to communicate. Thanks!
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