Hi EveryOne ! I want to know about the tutorial of NSCollectionView with Storyboard and related delegates methods works.

Please kindly share for this one. Thanks !

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Do you rely solely on the Mac App Store?
I recently published an article about why developers need to stop relying on the Mac App Store as their sole source of income. Have a read -- I'd love to know what you guys think!


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Best mac dev guide or book for an iPhone developer !

I want the book or guide name from your experience not by searching through google!

Having said that any help is appreciated !

Thanks in advance !

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Please help. I need NSCollectionView tutorial without ArrayController and bindings. I want create NSViewCollection programmatically, but i don't know how do this. I find some answer (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8660626/how-to-create-nscollectionview-programatically-from-scratch), but can't understand. Thanks.

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how to track mac apps with analyics tools?

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Are you building native libraries for iOS or Mac? Here's how unit test your work in Xcode 5. https://medium.com/p/cd85132c1b1
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