Savannah's POV
Savannah: Dad! I can't believe I finally get to go to Hogwarts!
Ginny: don't forget to write!
Savannah: I won't mom!
Harry: and make sure you choose your friends carefully!
Hogwarts express whistle blew
Savannah: I will!
she ran on to the train

((Your turn))

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Name: shaeshae lovegood
House after being sorted: ravenclaw
Nicknames: shae. (Only her closest friends can call her that and not die.)
Year: starting first year.
Mother: Luna lovegood
Father: unknown
Age: 12
Personality: happy, strange, etc. Pretty much like luna.
Accessories: lunas old wrackspurt glasses
Pets: feather and her owl
Friends: none yet
Aka: "that weird girl who's crazy."
Wand: sycamore, ((lemme check pottermore.))
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Name: Savannah
Description: ↓
Hair color: Chocolate brown
Hair type: Curly and Soft
Eye color: enchanting sky blue
Skin color: pale white
House after sorting: Ravenclaw
Rep.: 'eh... She's kinda weird' but will make you laugh and is willing to do anything to help friends.
Mom: Ginny
Dad: Harry
Friends: yet to make some!
Great traits: fun, kind, goofy, smart, encouraging.
Bad traits: possibly late, has dumb moments, straight forward and speaks her mind.
Fav. Lesson: Defence Against the Dark Arts
Hated Lesson: Potions (and Divination)
Nickname: none
Wand: Oak, 14 1/2 inch., unicorn hair, and is surprisingly swishy.
Fav. House: Ravenclaw
Hated House: Slytherin
Fav. Sport: Quidditch
Position plays on Ravenclaw Quidditch team: Seeker

Can I be Harry and Ginny's daughter, her name is Savannah Potter... She has brown hair(long) and sky blue eyes.
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