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name : Kora Omoiyari
Age :14 (birthday feb 9)
Gender : female
weapon : Her magic, and she can summon pistols,swords,scythe (pretty much any weapon)
looks: (In pic does not have glasses...)
Weakness : (I am gonna regret saying this but...) She can be mortally wounded.
Guardian pet : Gem (white cat, blue eyes ,and wings white cat in pic)
species : Neko sorceress :D
Boy friend : FREE AS A BIRD, a single pringle, A um... aw forget it she has none (XD)
Personality : Kind, usually cheerful,with a powerful mind, and loves to read, she is a nerd! And she stands up for what is right even at the cost of her life she is her own hero. Also loves to help others.(she is also quite the artist plays violin,piano,sing and draws.  (And all quite well She sings better alone)
extra : High rank sorceress and turns dark when to much dark energy is around. (she can also turn into a black cat with blue eyes, and summon mythical animals)
Likes : felines, mythical animals, and can talk with any cat like creature.
dislikes : Canines,snakes,spiders,scorpions, and anything creepy.
Hates : Bullies and Her evil side. Arrogance, and the Organization called "New world" (learn about that later XD). 
Bio : Her mother is a neko named Akemi and her father is a sorcerer named Masato she has a little sister named shanae whom is a neko and a dimension-waker (I made it up it is a race of people whom specialize in causing rifts and portals between dimensions) who's guardian pet is a bat winged scorpion. (The rest is pretty long but you'll get it in time XD)

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