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Name: Cypher

Sex: Hermaphroditic

Gender: Bi/Genderfluid

Species: Wolf/Dragon Hybrid

Blood Type: AB Negative (Rarest and Hardest to Replace)

Age: 21

Physique: Short/Thin

Personality: Reserved/Shy

Family: None (Yet… Hint, Hint 😏)

Mate: Nika Minatani

Job: USA Air Force Spec. Ops Hacker

Where I Live: Manhattan, NY

Likes: Video Games, Memes, Destroying Things, Action Movies.

Dislikes: Things That Don't Break, Reading, Memes That Just Aren't Funny, Lovey Dovey Drama Movies.

Turn Ons: Naughty Girls/Guys, Being Dominated.

Turn Offs: Shy Girls/Guys, Anal Play, Being Dom.

Bio: I grew up a shy guy/girl in Manhattan, NY, as a kid everyone made fun of me, used to call me horrible names. I went into homeschooling and that's when I found my gift. I could hack anything, anyone, at any time. When I turned 18, I joined the NYPD as their new hacker. I quit years after because one night I was beaten, raped, and muzzled by some of my fellow officers. That's when something snapped. I was so done with life and attempted suicide 3 times. After that I started relieving my pain with building gadgets. I built a device that allowed me to hack my own molecules and mold them to my will. Now I am using my powers for good.

Weapons: Twin Machine Pistols, Tarkatan Arm Blade.

Abilities: Teleportation, Invisibility, Hacking Touch, Controlling mechanical devices, Flight.

Art done by Yoobi :v go check out all of her art she does some really good stuff!
(Not in pic but I also have wings)

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Name : Bonbon
Speshes:Dezmo lemur (lemur/deer/wolf)
Age: 25
Likes:hugs, movies ,and cuddles
Hates:mean people and bullys

Sorry for the crapy art my wacoms broken so up date later

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Name: Kasey
Age: 14
Species: coyote
Gender: male
Sexuallity: straight most of the time
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